Air France flights

Air France

Air France is a network airline that offers connecting flights at its two main hubs, Charles de Gaulle CDG and Orly ORY, both in Paris.

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Fare classes

Air France offers 4 standard travel classes - economy, premium economy, business and first class. The different classes are then further differentiated into several groups, called fare families.

First Class is only offered by Air France on certain types of aircraft and only on certain routes, typically from Paris on long-haul routes, with the exception of certain routes to Africa, America or the Caribbean.

Fares are higher with a higher fare class.

Air France destinations

Air France operates most of its international flights from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, while Orly Airport serves as an important base for domestic routes as well as routes to French overseas departments such as Martinique, Guadeloupe and Réunion.

Air France has a wide portfolio of destinations, particularly in the western half of Europe, the USA, throughout Africa and the Far East.

Air France will often offer bargain fares between Europe and North America or within Europe, where it has the most destinations in the UK, the Nordic countries, Italy, France and Germany.

To many African destinations, Air France is often the only option available.

In total, Air France flies to around 230 destinations in almost 100 countries.

The most interesting destinations are those outside Europe, which are fed by a dense network of European routes.

  • North America: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Quebec City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington
  • Latin America + Caribbean: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cancún, Cayenne, Fortaleza, Guadeloupe, Havana, Lima, Martinique, Mexico City, Panama City, Port-au-Prince, Rio de Janeiro, San José, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, St. Maarten
  • Asia: Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Chennai, Doha, New Delhi, Dubai, Kuwait, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Malé, Mumbai, Osaka, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo
  • Africa: Abidjan, Abuja, Accra, Algiers, Antananarivo, Bamako, Bangui, Banjul, Brazzaville, Cairo, Cape Town, Casablanca, Conakry, Cotonou, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Djibouti, Douala, Freetown, Kinshasa, Lagos, Libreville, Lomé, Luanda, Malabo, Marrakech, Mauritius, Monrovia, Nairobi, N'Djamena, Niamey, Nouakchott, Oran, Ouagadougou, Pointe Noire, Port Harcourt, Rabat, Réunion, Tangier, Tunis, Yaoundé, Zanzibar
  • Oceania: Papeete
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