Air France check-in

Air France

Air France is one of the classic network carriers and offers free check-in at the airport.

Check-in at the airport

Airport check-in is offered free of charge at all Air France airports. The opening and closing times of the counters vary considerably depending on the destination. In Europe, expect counters to open 2 hours and close 45 minutes before departure.

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For flights from the Americas or Africa, opening times will be between 3-1 hours before scheduled departure.

Detailed check-in times for each airport can be found at

Self-check-in counters

Self-check-in counters are also available at selected airports for both boarding passes and baggage check-in.

Online check-in

You can check in yourself online using your mobile phone or computer. Check-in is available 30 hours before departure (24 hours before departure for flights to/from the USA) and the latest you can print your boarding pass is 2 hours before departure.

You can keep your boarding passes on your phone and present a QR code from your mobile phone screen at the airport.

The Air France mobile app is available at Google Play / App Store.

Seat selection

There is a charge for selecting a specific seat on the aircraft when purchasing the Economy Light and Economy Standard base fares.

Prices are relatively high. For shorter flights within Europe, you will pay around 12 eur, while for longer transcontinental flights, the price goes up to 20 eur for seat selection.

If you don't choose a specific seat, it will be randomly assigned to you for free.

If you are travelling with more than one person, the system will not deliberately seat you.

Free seat selection is also not available at check-in.

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