Shop and eat in New York

3 best places to shop and eat in New York

Shopping in New York

Department store

Whether or not you're a shopaholic, you should definitely stop by Macy's in Herald Square. The cheapest accommodation in New York City Special Flights to New York One of the iconic shopping malls will offer 10 floors of all sorts of fashion. There will be no shortage of major sales, look for racks in the corner with a 70-90% OFF sign.

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Fifth Avenue
5th Avenue

Shopping class

Fifth, or Fifth, if you will, Avenue. A concept every traveler knows and a place not to be missed. Over 10 km long, the avenue stretching across Manhattan ranks at the top of the most famous streets in the world and is one of the symbols of New York. [btn "The 10 best hotels in New York City";label=p-new-york-5avenue] Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan into a western and eastern section,…

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The Oculus

Department store, Modern Building

Right next to Ground Zero, you'll admire the unmissable Westfield Shopping Center, which also serves as the main subway station in lower Manhattan. [btn "The 10 best hotels in New York City";label=p-new-york-oculus] The 125-store mall opened in 2016 and immediately became the largest department store in Manhattan. Most of the stores are located underground, and the iconic main…

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