Tourist visa to Thailand


Do I need a visa for a tourist trip to Thailand? How long does a passport have to be valid?

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Visa for a single visit to Thailand up to 30 days

For the most common tourist trips, the immigration officer will not require you to do anything. Entry to the Kingdom of Thailand is visa-free with a 30-day stay limit for most countries in the world.

For official information and a list of countries that do not require a visa to enter Thailand, visit the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

At the international airport or land border crossing, you will receive a stamp in your passport, with the date of the latest date you can leave the country.

Arrival and departure cards are no longer filled in.

In very rare cases, you may also be asked to provide a return ticket or proof of sufficient funds (20 000 thb per person or 40 000 thb per family), e.g. a bank statement.

Repeated entries to Thailand within six months

If you are planning to travel around South East Asia and visit more than one country in the area or Thailand is your second home, remember that the maximum total days of stay in a 6 month period is 90 days.

Exceeding the maximum length of stay

Whatever the reason, if you happen to leave Thailand for longer than the 30-day visa-free limit, expect to be fined. You will pay 500 thb for each extra day, but the minimum 1 000 thb and maximum 20 000 thb.

In case of a gross violation of the length of stay in Thailand, you will face a court and expulsion from the country with a ban on entry for 10 years.

Visa to Thailand for stays of 31 days or more

If you want to stay longer in Thailand, you have, practically speaking, three options for extending your stay:

  • By extending in Thailand for another 30 days at the Immigration Office.
  • By applying for a traditional visa at the Embassy of Thailand in your country
  • By undertaking a "visa run".

You can apply for a single-entry or multi-entry visa:

Single entry visa to Thailand

The so-called Single Entry Tourist Visa can be processed within 3 days for a fee of approx. 1 300 thb. It is valid for a stay of 60 days and you can enter Thailand within 3 months of the visa being issued.

Multiple entry visa to Thailand

The so-called Multiple entry tourist visa is also obtained within 3 working days, but for a fee 5 000 thb. It is valid for an unlimited number of entries for a period of 6 months after the visa is issued. A single stay may not exceed 60 days, but the total number of days of stay is not limited.

Visa run

The term Visa run or Visa running simply means leaving Thailand for another country and returning immediately.

Practically speaking, you just need to pass through immigration control at the land crossing and return immediately. Only in this case will the customs officer require you to prove you have left Thailand within 30 days and show proof of cash, see above.

The ideal is to leave Thailand for 1-3 days to one of the surrounding metropolises or islands, e.g. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi or Penang.

Passport validity

To travel Thailand you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after leaving Thailand.

Conversely, there is no time limit on how long your passport must be old before you can travel to the country. You can travel to Thailand with a brand new passport.

Other documents

Apart from a valid passport, no other documents are required.

It is advisable to have a printed or handy in your phone proof of your return trip or your latest bank statement, especially for re-entries.

Customs regulations

All items imported into Thailand must be in reasonable quantities. For example, for cigarettes this is 200 pieces per person and alcohol 1 litre per person. Exceeding the limit, however small, carries a heavy fine. For example, for 5 packs of cigarettes, the fine is 366 eur.

Also be aware that the limit cannot be exceeded by one person even if they have alcohol or cigarettes in their luggage for other people travelling together. Each person must be within the limit.

The import and export of narcotics and pornography is completely prohibited. Exports in the form of antiques or religious items and Buddha statues are subject to permission. This permit does not apply to small statues and items commonly purchased at tourist markets.

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