Internet and sockets in Thailand


Will you need a power socket adapter when you travel to Thailand? And what is the availability of internet and wi-fi networks?

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Electricity and sockets

Thailand is a rather unusual country in this respect, as it uses several types of sockets and plugs.

Type A and B plugs are the most common, with Type C plugs being used less frequently and Type O plugs being the least common.

If you are travelling to Thailand from Europe, it is recommended to get an adapter. However, you can also buy one at tourist centres all over Thailand.

  • Sockets - A, B, less often also C, O
  • Voltage - 220 V
  • Frequency - 50 Hz


Thailand is literally a paradise for digital nomads. There is no problem with internet here, either directly in accommodation or in restaurants/cafes. Even trains and buses (selected companies) have internet.


It is recommended to buy a Simcard immediately after arrival at the airport at one of the telecommunication company stands. There are several packages for tourists depending on the length of stay (from one day to one month) with a data limit. They range in price from 100 baht to over 1,000 baht.

One can choose from operators such as Happy by DTAC's, TrueMove, AIS. Example of prices and packages:

  • 7-day with 3 GB for 300 thb,
  • 10 days with 4 GB for 450 thb,
  • 15-day with 5.5 GB for 600 thb,
  • 30-day with 10.5 GB for 850 thb.

If you don't want to deal with buying a sim card on the spot, buy an electronic sim card in advance for internet data only, for example via

Buy a Thai e-sim at

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