Playa de las Américas

Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Américas is a man-made resort built in the 1960s and is located between the other resorts of Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje on the southern tip of Tenerife. Since its inception, it has attracted travellers who like to combine beach holidays with nightlife. Playa de las Américas is literally the heart of Tenerife's entertainment scene.

The resort offers all facilities from shops, supermarkets to pharmacies or banks.

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Beaches and swimming

There are 3 beautiful beaches in the resort, most of them man-made and all of them fully equipped with sunbed and umbrella hire, water activities, showers or changing rooms. The entire coastline is lined with a promenade with restaurants and bars surrounded by palm trees and benches.

  • Playa de las Américas - the main beach bears the name of the town and is located right in its centre. The beach is covered with fine golden sand imported from Africa
  • Playa de Troya - the border beach between Playa de las Américas and Costa Adeje, protected by artificial dykes and covered with fine grey volcanic sand
  • Playa del Búnker - a small beach in the south of the town, connected to a natural seawater pool with a landscaped entrance and a concrete wall to protect it from the waves

Accommodation in Playa de las Américas

Since the town is artificially built purely for tourism, you won't find anything but hotels and larger resorts here. On the outskirts of the town are apartments and holiday homes. Thanks to the abundant supply and competition, you can pay for classic hotels from about 44 eur per night in a 2-bed room, while hotel resorts start at 92 eur per night.

To give you a better idea, we've picked out tips for specific accommodation:

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