Weather in Malta and best time to go


If you're looking for the reassurance of sunny and warm weather, head to Malta for a holiday. The whole archipelago is in a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

Although it hardly rains during the summer months, it can be very hot. However, even though Malta is on a par with Tunisia for example, it is more pleasant to stay here even during the hottest summer months. This is due to the breeze and the influence of the surrounding sea.

The sea is warmer in autumn than in spring. The coldest months are December, January and February. The rainiest months are November and December.

Weather and temperatures throughout the year

This is what the weather in Malta looks like during the different months of the year.

Weather in January

During January, temperatures in Malta are around 13°C. The weather is mostly cloudy with occasional showers occurring about every 2nd day.

January sees the fewest tourists travelling to Malta and many hotels and restaurants in the seaside resorts remain closed.

The sea temperature is around 16 °C.

Weather in February

February is statistically the coldest month of the year. Normal daily temperatures are between 12 °C and 13 °C. During the night, they drop below 9 °C.

It rains in the form of short, frequent showers on average every second day. There is quite a lot of sunshine, but the days are still short and it gets dark around 19:00.

The sea temperature is around 16 °C.

Weather in March

The number of hours of sunshine increases noticeably in March due to the longer days.

There is little rain, only short light showers, and normal daytime temperatures rise to between 14 and 17 °C.

The water in the sea is the coldest of the year, usually at a maximum of 15 °C.

Weather in April

For the first month of spring, expect temperatures between 16 °C and 20 °C and sunny weather. There are only small clouds in the sky, with only a few drops falling during infrequent showers.

April is an ideal month for sightseeing and natural beauty.

However, the sea is still cold. The water temperature averages 16 °C.

Weather in May

During May we can talk about summer weather in Malta with normal temperatures between 19 °C and 24 °C.

The weather is cloudless and rainless. There is a pleasant breeze off the coast and the landscape is blooming and green after the wetter winter season.

The sea water warms up slowly, reaching 18 °C.

Weather in June

For the first month of summer, expect temperatures around 26 °C and consistently clear skies. Rain is rare in June.

Although the sea water is only 22 °C, the beaches are packed with sunbathers and all tourist services are already open. The high season has begun.

Weather in July

The weather in July is very hot and very dry. Temperatures soar to 30 °C and summer heatwaves of over 35 °C are common.

Skies are consistently clear with no signs of cloud. There are no summer thunderstorms in Malta.

The sea water is finally warming up to a pleasant 24 °C.

Weather in August

August is the hottest month in Malta with temperatures between 29 and 36 °C. The sun is often scorching and you will wait in vain for rain.

August sees consistently sunny skies and no summer thunderstorms.

The sea temperature is 26 °C.

August is the high season in Malta with the highest accommodation prices. Most tourists from England and Italy head to Malta at this time.

Weather in September

September is still a full summer month with temperatures between 25 °C and 28 °C.

Skies are mostly clear, but there are some showers and short, quick showers towards the end of the month. Given the temperatures, however, the occasional shower is more of a pleasant affair than a hindrance to the holiday.

Sea temperatures are around 25 °C.

Weather in October

October is the ideal off-season month to spend your summer holidays. Prices for services are significantly lower than during the summer holidays, but the weather is still very pleasant.

Air temperatures soar to 22°C to 25°C and the sea water is around 23°C.

In October, rain showers occur on average every 3rd day. However, most of the time it is a short shower lasting no more than an hour.

Weather in November

November is a pleasant autumn month for sightseeing and natural beauty.

Temperatures reach between 17 °C and 20 °C. The weather is partly cloudy with frequent clouds, but also with long-lasting clear skies.

According to statistics, November sees the most rain of the year, about every second day. Mostly these are short showers and all-day rain is rather rare.

The water in the sea is 20 °C.

Weather in December

December is the darkest month because of the short days, when it gets dark already around 16:30.

However, the sun often shines during the day, alternating with partly cloudy skies. Normal temperatures rise to 15 °C and rain mainly in the form of showers.

The sea cools down to 17 °C in December.

Table of temperatures during the year

Valletta - Tiny Malta has the same weather everywhere

14 °C
15 °C
14 °C
15 °C
15 °C
15 °C
18 °C
16 °C
23 °C
17 °C
28 °C
21 °C
31 °C
24 °C
31 °C
26 °C
28 °C
25 °C
24 °C
23 °C
19 °C
21 °C
16 °C
17 °C

When to go to Malta

If you're looking for a summer beach destination with almost 100% guaranteed sun, then Malta is the ideal choice and if you go between June and August, you'll never go wrong.

If you're mainly looking to explore the historical sites and take in the views, then the ideal time to visit Malta is April to mid-June and late September to mid-November, when it's pleasant, with only occasional showers and temperatures that don't soar above 28°C.

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If you'd like to combine sightseeing with a beach holiday, head to Malta towards the end of September, when air temperatures are slowly dropping but the sea is still warm from the summer.

If you don't mind the risk of showers and are comfortable with the lack of tourists and significantly lower prices for services and flights, then go to Malta during the winter without worry.

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