Currency and prices in Malta


What currency do I pay with in Malta? How much do goods cost in a regular supermarket and how much in a restaurant? And how much does a week's stay on the island cost? Find out in this chapter.

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Euro (EUR)

The euro has been the currency in Malta since 2008.

The euro coin, like the euro in any other country, bears a distinctive and characteristic pattern. Maltese euro coins are decorated with a drawing of the Neolithic temple of Mnajdra, the national emblem of Malta and the eight-pointed Maltese cross.

Euro coins carry denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1, 2 euro. Euro banknotes are found with denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 euro.

  • International currency code: EUR (numerical code 978)
  • Currency symbol:

The Maltese lira was formerly used as the currency.

Currency exchange and card payment

Currency exchange offices are not widespread in Malta. Most tourists arrive from countries that pay in euros, so currency exchange offices would not be viable.

In Malta you simply withdraw from ATMs, which are ubiquitous. The most common ATMs are operated by HSBC and Bank of Valletta.

There are often no charges for ATM withdrawals and if your bank doesn't charge fees either, withdrawing from an ATM will be the easiest option.

Card payments are accepted at the vast majority of shops, restaurants and hotels. You can also use your card to pay for bus, ferry and taxi tickets. Smaller beach restaurants and bars, as well as most sightseeing sites, also accept card payments.

How much does what cost - prices in Malta

Malta is an average expensive destination in Europe. Prices for food, transport or petrol are slightly lower than in mainland Europe, but prices in restaurants and bars, for example, are quite high.

Hotel or car rental prices are significantly more expensive during the summer season.

Examples of prices in Malta

How much does basic food, tourist attractions or transport cost in Malta? See the indicative price table.

Accommodation in a double room (prices per night):

  • Cheap hotel with shared bathroom - from 31 eur
  • 3* hotel in the hinterland - from 37 eur
  • 3* hotel by the beach - from 62 eur (off-season from 37 eur)
  • Hotel with half board by the beach - from 128 eur
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Restaurant meals:

  • Hot main meal in a beach restaurant - 25 eur
  • Hot main meal in an inland restaurant - 20 eur
  • Three-course menu for 2 in a better restaurant in the city centre - 65 eur
  • Fast food in a beach bar - 10 eur to 15 eur
  • Espresso or Cappuccino - 2,50 eur
  • Water 0.33 l - 1,20 eur
  • Draft beer - 4 eur to 5,50 eur
  • Wine bottle - 10 to 20 eur

Food at the supermarket:

  • Water 1.5l - 0,90 eur
  • Coca Cola (and other sodas) - 1,80 eur
  • Milk 1l - 1 eur
  • Baked goods - 0,70 eur to 1,30 eur
  • Ice cream scoop - 2 eur
  • Canned fish - 2,80 eur
  • Apples - 2,60 eur / kg
  • Bananas - 1,90 eur / kg
  • Oranges - 2,50 eur / kg
  • Eggs 6 pcs - 1,20 EUR
  • Pasta 500 g - 1 eur
  • Chicken 500 g - 4 eur


  • Bus ticket - 2 eur for 2 hours
  • Weekly bus ticket - 21 eur
  • Ferry to Gozo - 4,65 eur
  • Ferry to Comino - 14 eur
  • Price of petrol 1 litre - ranging from 1,30 eur to 1,45 eur
  • Car rental for the day - 15 to 50 eur depending on the season length of the rental
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Alcohol and cigarettes:

  • A bottle of wine in a shop - from 6 eur
  • A can of local beer - 2,50 eur
  • Cocktails at the bar - 8 eur to 15 eur
  • A packet of cigarettes - 6 eur

Water activities and sports:

  • Rent 2 sun loungers with umbrella per day - 15 eur
  • Full day of diving with equipment - 120 EUR
  • Surfboard rental per hour - 20 to 30 eur
  • Jet ski or scooter ride per hour - - 60 eur
  • Ride on an inflatable water banana (15 minutes) - - 25 eur
  • Kayak rental for an hour - 10 eur
  • Snorkel rental - 5 eur

Tipping and bargaining

In Malta, tips are around 10% of the price. Tips are usually already included in the price only in the better restaurants.

In regular restaurants, the waiter will bring the bill and you tell him the total amount you want to pay including the tip.

The Maltese are very happy to haggle, but this is only done at flea markets where the price can be reduced many times over. All brick-and-mortar shops, sports equipment rental shops, etc. have fixed prices without the possibility of haggling.

Daily budget or how much money to take with you

How much money to bring on holiday to Malta is mainly a question of your stay and the type of activities you want to do.

Low-cost travellers will stay in a private apartment away from the sea and will only use buses to get around the island throughout their stay. Meals will be mainly cooked with food bought from the supermarket.

Search for the cheapest hotels in Malta

The golden mean includes accommodation in a 3* hotel close to the beach. You'll go to a restaurant for dinner, but you'll tackle breakfast and lunch by shopping at the supermarket or grabbing a quick snack at a beach bar. During your week-long stay, you'll rent a car for 3 days and travel by bus the rest of the time.

The following table shows the prices for a week's stay for 2 people. The cost is per day per person.

Accommodation Food Public transport Car rental Attractions Total price
Low-cost 16 eur 10 eur 6 eur 0 eur 5 eur 37 eur
Regular traveller 35 eur 35 eur 6 eur 30 eur 20 eur 125 eur
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