Shoes on the Danube bank

Shoes on the Danube bank

The memorial called the Shoes on the banks of the Danube is an interesting and powerful reminder of the rampage of the fascist Hungarian Arrow Cross Party during the Second World War.

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It was this militant Nazi party that executed up to 3,500 Hungarian Jews from the Budapest ghetto on the banks of the Danube in late 1944 and early 1945. In groups, they always dragged several dozen people to the banks of the Danube, ordered them to take off their shoes so that they could be used for other people, and executed them by shooting them in the head. The bodies fell into the Danube, whose swift waters carried them to an unknown destination.

The memorial in the form of several dozen steel shoes refers precisely to the victims who were shot here.

It is located on the Danube embankment about 300 metres south of the Parliament, where Zoltán utca joins the embankment.

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