Attractions in Corsica

3 best attraction to visit in Corsica

Bonifacio in Corsica

Tourist town, Cliff, Staircase, Fortress

Bonifacio is a fortified medieval town situated on chalk-white cliffs on the southernmost tip of Corsica. It lies just 12 km from Sardinia and therefore serves as one of the main ports for ferries from this Italian island. Bonifacio is a popular tourist resort with complete facilities and many attractions. In Corsican, the town is called Bunifaziu or also Bonifacio. Book a car in Corsica The 10 best accommodations in Corsica Bonifacio has…

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Tourist town, Fortress

The town of Corte lies in the heart of Corsica and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Corte is also the only Corsican town inland that is fortified with a citadel. The fortress offers a fine view of the surrounding mountains and the valleys of the Restonica and Tavignano rivers. The citadel houses the Musée de la Corse (Museum of Corsica), where you can learn many interesting facts and details about Corsica. [btn "Find the best hotel in…

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Tourist town

The town of Sartène, in the hilly landscape of southern Corsica, is a well-known historical site among the islanders. In Sartène there has been a very strong tradition of blood feud for many centuries, which reached absurd proportions. When, for example, in the 19th century a quarrel between two families over a dog erupted into a small civil war, the spiral of murder as the main means of blood feud reached unbearable proportions. [btn "Find…

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