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Cape Verde

Whether you're considering a holiday in Cape Verde or you've bought a tour, you'll find the weather, temperature, rainfall and wind strength information useful. The internet is full of different information that varies and even contradicts each other when it comes to Cape Verde weather. Here you will find the most accurate and up-to-date information on when to go to the sea in Cape Verde.

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The climate and weather conditions are determined by the location of the islands. Cape Verde falls into a tropical climate belt with a desert character due to its distance of only 500 kilometres from the Sahara. This climate zone is often referred to as the Sahel.

Cape Verde is warm all year round. Average daily temperatures range between 25 and 30 °C in the shade throughout the year. No less, no more.

Thesun is always shining in Cape Verde. You can count 300 days of sunshine a year here. The rest are considered days when the sky may be partly cloudy with clouds that won't interfere with your holiday. The sun usually shines here from 7am to 6pm, with sunbathing starting as early as 8am.

Cape Verde is often windy. Trade winds and trade winds blow from Africa on one side and Atlantic monsoons blow from the ocean on the other. The winds usually don't bother and just ease the hot and arid days. In winter, when the winds are at their strongest, they are welcomed by water sports enthusiasts. The strongest winds here are from December to April. The rest of the year it blows only sporadically and is more of a pleasant breeze.

It doesn't rain in Cape Verde. If you have read somewhere that there is a rainy season in Cape Verde, forget it. Cape Verdeans struggle with a lack of water, which they have to get only from the moisture of the air and the fog over the ocean. It is true that the months of August and September are rainy, but it only rains locally in the mountains and hills of the western islands. The holiday islands of Sal and Boa Vista are arid, rainless all year round. Read more on the Sal weather page.

Temperatures during the year

This is what the weather in Cape Verde looks like specifically for each month of the year.

Weather in January

January is the coldest month of the year. But when it comes to temperatures, expect at least 25°C in the shade in January. The sea temperature is a beautiful 24 °C. However, stronger winds and, as a result, bigger waves and stronger water currents are to be expected.

Weather in February

February is still typically the month when Cape Verde's shores are occupied by athletes and you can see windsurfers and kitesurfers flying on the beach. Temperatures are similar to the surrounding months, i.e. the standard 25°C during the day and around 20°C at night. The sea temperature is still a stable 24 °C and will become more choppy with up to one metre waves.

Weather in March

March will offer a warming of one degree Celsius in addition to the still persistent winds. March in Cape Verde is around 26°C during the day and 21°C at night. The temperature of the water in the pool and at the shores in the sea will be 24 °C.

Weather in April

April is a turning point month in Cape Verde when the wind stops blowing and changes to a breeze. Temperatures in April hover around 26°C and the sea is still a pleasant 24°C.

Weather in May

May offers warmer temperatures again. The weather will be sunny with daytime temperatures around 27 °C and cloudless skies. The breeze will make the hot afternoons pleasant and the weather will be absolutely idyllic. The sea is starting to warm slightly, but the warming will not be noticeable until the following months. The water is still 24 °C.

Weather in June

June marks the arrival of a hot summer. Daytime temperatures are easily above 27 °C and the all-day sunshine is also starting to warm the surrounding sea and ocean. In June, the sea is already 25°C and even 26°C by the end of the month.

Weather in July

As the first holiday month, July offers beautiful sunny days and weather with temperatures above 28 °C. The sea will warm up noticeably and the water in the hotel pools will be 27 °C.

Weather in August

August is the hottest month of the year. The average temperature in Cape Verde during this holiday month is 30 °C and 24 °C at night. The sea heats up to an annual maximum temperature of 28 °C. The ever-persistent breeze will give you the feeling of absolutely ideal weather for a seaside holiday.

Weather in September

September is still very warm and average daytime temperatures also reach 30 °C. Clouds can be seen in the sky though, mainly to the west over the other islands, where showers will form around the hills and mountains. You will not be affected by showers on Sal or Boa Vista and will enjoy sunny weather. The sea will be a cool 28° Celsius.

Weather in October

October is often considered the best month of the year to go on holiday to Cape Verde. Why this is so, I don't know. The temperatures are still great like the rest of the year. The sea is 27°C and the air a cool 29°C. Towards the end of the month, the breeze starts to pick up.

The weather in November

November is the first month that we could classify as the windy season. The wind is picking up, but that doesn't mean it should spoil your holiday in any way. On the contrary. With daytime temperatures of 28°C, you'll be glad the air isn't stagnant. The sea is 26°C.

Weather in December

December typically beckons for seaside holidays over Christmas and New Year. Cape Verde will be perfect for such a stay. The sea is 26 °C and the air 26 °C or more during the day

Table of temperatures during the year

Cape Verde - The whole archipelago lies in one belt

25 °C
25 °C
26 °C
26 °C
27 °C
27 °C
28 °C
30 °C
30 °C
29 °C
29 °C
27 °C

When to go to Cape Verde

If you're looking for an answer to the question of when not to go to Cape Verde, you probably won't find it. Cape Verde is a year-round destination and it's up to you whether you prefer winter fun in the waves or summer idyll on endless beaches.

When to go on holiday to Cape Verde? For sport from November to March. For the sea and beaches any time of the year.

If we compare Cape Verde with the most sought-after domestic exotic, Egypt, then especially in winter Cape Verde is a much better option. Compared to the weather in Egypt, the air is on average more than 5 °C warmer and the water 4 °C warmer.

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