Safety and security in Cape Verde

Cape Verde


There are no special vaccinations or exotic diseases to worry about when travelling to Cape Verde. It is not absolutely necessary, but it is recommended to drink bottled water.

Sea currents and waves

When swimming in the ocean, you need to pay attention to the strength of the waves and sea currents. It can happen that waves pull swimmers out to sea and they cannot get back in. There are lifeguards at hotel beaches to warn you of the danger.

When travelling to the Cape Verde Islands, it pays to have good travel insurance. There is often only one hospital or small clinic on the islands. There is no permanent dental emergency on some islands. Treatments are paid for in cash.

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The general crime rate in Cape Verde is very low. The only things to watch out for are pickpockets in the towns or unfavourable prices at souvenir vendors.

Important contacts

Phone numbers:

  • Rescue service: 130
  • Fire brigade: 131
  • Police: 132
  • National Information Line: 102
  • Honorary Consul: +238/9912966
  • Consulate emergency line: +351 919319422

Cape Verde falls under the Czech Embassy, which is located in Lisbon

  • Telephone number of the Embassy: +351/21/3010487
  • Embassy emergency line: +351/91/9319422
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