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Vilnius International Airport

Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Vilnius Airport

Transfer at Vilnius Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 27. 3. 2024

The airport is served by one small and rather cramped terminal with a very interesting external architecture and internal design of the arrival hall, which resembles decorated Soviet railway stations.

The section after security is modern with several boarding bridges directly to the aircraft. The distances are very short and the whole airport can be crossed in 5 minutes.

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Passport and security checks are efficient and you will usually only wait 5-10 minutes in line. Lithuania is also in the Schengen area, so most flights to/from Europe are not subject to passport control.

A new departures terminal is under construction directly connected to the existing terminal, which will become the arrivals hall. It should be open in 2025.

A map of the airport can be found on the official website:

Transfer between flights

Vilnius Airport is not a hub airport, but it does have the possibility of direct transfer between planes through the transit zone.

This option is only for passengers who already have a boarding pass for the connecting flight and are travelling with hand luggage only.

The real transfer time between flights in this case is approximately 10 minutes in the case of transfers between two Schengen flights and approximately 30 minutes in the case of having to go through passport control.

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