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Services at Vilnius Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 14. 4. 2024

Find out what services and facilities are available at Vilnius Airport. Where is the best place to eat and where to shop?

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Internet and wi-fi

Unlimited free wi-fi is available throughout the airport.

If you use an EU sim card, you can make calls and use data in Lithuania for the same prices as in your home country.

Otherwise, get your Lithuanian data e-sim quickly and easily on

Luggage storage

There are two luggage storage areas at the airport.

The first is available in the check-in hall near the check-in desks and is manned. BGS operates both a baggage wrapping and luggage storage facility. It is always open according to the current flight schedule to cover all scheduled flights.

Depending on the size of your luggage, you can pay for 24-hour storage from 2 eur to 6 eur.

Furthermore, in the P4 garage outside the terminal you will find automatic lockers accessible 24 hours a day. Prices per day range from 6 eur to 11 eur depending on the size of the locker, however you can put more than one bag in one locker. Payment is possible in cash or by card.

Shops and supermarket

In the section after the security check you will find mainly a few small duty free shops and also an electronics or jewellery shop.

In the public area there are two Narvessen mini-markets offering packaged sandwiches, sweets or drinks.

All shops have opening hours adapted to the current flight traffic.

Cafés and restaurants

Several cafés, restaurants and a bar provide meals at the airport. Well-known chain brands do not operate at the airport, but you can take advantage of the quality local restaurants.

After security check, there are 4 restaurants in the Schengen area and 1 café in the non-Schengen area.

In the public area you will find one restaurant in the departure hall and one café in the arrival hall. A list of all restaurants is available on the airport website:

All catering facilities have opening hours adapted to the current flight traffic.

ATMs and exchange offices

There is a "Top" exchange office in the arrivals hall with a very unfavourable exchange rate.

There are also many ATMs. We recommend avoiding the Euronet ATM with unfair practices and instead use the ATMs of large banks such as Swedbank or SEB.

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