Parking at Vienna Airport


Heading to your departure by car and looking for a place to park at Vienna Airport?

Long-term parking

If you decide to drive to the airport, we can use the official airport parking with online booking. Standard prices range from 80 eur to 100 eur per week.

The cheapest secure Parktiger car park is located in Schwechat and is available for 5,99 eur per day (+ apply promo code PARKTIGER10 for 10% off). Book online at Unlike other (and significantly more expensive) car parks, it does not offer a shuttle service to the terminal - it costs 14 eur.

Use the train instead, the station is barely 100 metres from the car park. A one-way ticket works out at 2 eur, trains run every 10 to 20 minutes. The first train in the direction of the airport leaves Schwechat at 4:36 (up to 5:06 on weekends and holidays), the last at 0:06. In the opposite direction from the airport, the first service leaves at 4:42 and the last at 0:18.

Other options in terms of price vs. proximity to the airport are private car parks. These include Panda Parken, with rates of 59 eur per week (book at, Holiday Parking (book at or Mazur car park near the motorway, which provides a free shuttle service to the terminal, with prices starting at €70 per week. Book online at

Alternatively, park at Vienna's P+R catchment car parks near the underground stations (Erdberg, Leopoldau). Daily parking costs 3,60 eur, weekly parking then goes up to 18,30 eur. The most convenient car park is Leopoldau, from which direct S7 trains run to the airport. These car parks are covered.

When travelling from Bratislava you can park your car for free at the unguarded P+R Wolfsthal just over the border, from where the direct S-Bahn S7 line to the airport runs from 3:55. The ticket costs €9.90.

Short-term parking

When picking up or dropping off relatives or friends, use the ramp to the departure level, where you can stop for a maximum of 10 minutes free of charge . If you want to say goodbye for a longer period of time, park directly in front of the terminals in car park K3 at 5 eur per hour, or in car park C, about 10 minutes' walk away, at 3,90 eur per hour. Parking houses 3 (at terminal 1/1A) and 4 (at terminal 3) cost 4,70 eur per hour, respectively.

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