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Transportation from Venice Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 10. 4. 2024

The cheapest transport from Venice airport to the centre is by bus from the adjacent village starting from 1,50 eur, the fastest is by express bus directly from the terminal for 10 eur.

Travel time Price Frequency Link
ATVO bus 20 minutes 10 eur 30 minutes
Bus ACTV 20 minutes
(25 min Mestre)
10 eur
(1,50 eur
from Tessera)
15 minutes (Venice)
30 minutes (Mestre)
Ferry Alilaguna 37-50 minutes 15 eur 15 minutes

Bus to Mestre and Venice

Two bus companies run directly from the airport terminal:

  • ATVO (buses are not marked with a line number)
  • ACTV - line 5 AeroBus to Venice and line 15 to Mestre

The journey to Mestre takes about 20 minutes, and the journey to Venice takes 30-40 minutes.

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ATVO (Flixbus)

The fastest and most comfortable option is the direct "ATVO Airport Shuttle" buses. Unlike ACTV's lines 5 and 15, they don't stop anywhere and run comfortable large buses. A cheaper return ticket is also an advantage.

ATVO runs once every half hour to Mestre and also directly to Venice. The price is 10 eur / return 18 eur. Immediately mark your ticket purchased at the machine in the yellow validator just next to the machine.

  • Tickets: online at /, at the ticket office in the arrivals hall or at the machine at the bus stop (ATVO machine only, not ACTV)
  • Stops: to the right of the terminal exit


There are a total of 3 ACTV lines stopping at the airport:

  • Route 5 "AeroBus" - Venice Piazzale Roma (once every 15 minutes)
  • Route 15 - Mestre (once every 30 minutes)
  • Route 45 - goes to the northeastern suburbs of Mestre

Timetables and maps for all lines in Mestre and Venice on the website. Days are divided into "Feriale" (Monday to Saturday) and "Festivo" (Sundays and holidays).

The ticket costs 10 eur and is valid for 75 minutes, is transferable to other bus lines or to the tram. If you would also like to transfer to the vaporetti boats in the centre of Venice within 90 minutes, buy a ticket for 18 eur.

The day ticket is not valid when going to the stop at the terminal.

  • Tickets: online via the mobile app, at the ticket office in the arrivals hall or at the vending machine at the bus stop (ACTV machine only - first from the exit)
  • Stops: to the left of the terminal exit

Secret tip for the cheapest transport for 1,50 €

However, the cheapest way to get from the airport is to walk to the Triestina Tessera stop (see map), 1.5km away, where bus 5 takes you to the centre of Venice and line 15 to the mainland of Mestre, where it stops at the main train station.

The ticket costs 1,50 eur and can be bought at the newsagent about 50 metres from the stop (the newsagent is at the stop in the opposite direction) or via the mobile app. They won't sell you a ticket for €1.50 at the airport.

For the Triestina Tessera stop, you can also use a 24-hour ticket for 25 eur for the entire Venice transport network (ACTV buses + tram + boats).


A boat will also take you directly to the historic centre of Venice in style. Take advantage of regular boat lines or water taxis.

Alilaguna line

Alilaguna operates three lines from the airport, with boats going directly to St Mark's Square or the Rialto Bridge, and stopping at the islands of Murano or the beach area of Lido di Venezia.

The journey takes about an hour at an interval of about 15 minutes.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • 15 eur one-way / 27 eur return - to the centre of Venice
  • 8 eur one-way / 15 eur return - to the island of Murano

If you are heading to Lido or Murano, it is worth the time and money to take the boat, otherwise it is more about the feeling and the attraction.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the boat dock, which is connected to the terminal by a connecting corridor. Tickets can also be purchased online via

Water taxi

There are docks at the beginning of the dock for water taxis and a ticket office where you can pay your fare.

The price to the centre is around 140 eur for a full boat for 4 passengers.

Map of public transport lines

We've created an interactive map of all bus and boat lines serving Venice VCE airport.

First and last connections

We are often asked how to get to the first morning departures or after the last night arrivals from/to the airport. Here are the first and last connections to/from the airport.

First connections:

from Piazzale Roma from Mestre from Forte Nove (boat)
Departure from the centre 4:20 (daily) - ATVO Airport Bus
4:35 (Mon-Sat) - Line 5
4:30 (daily) - ATVO Airport Bus 4:33 (daily)
Arrival at the airport 4:40 - ATVO Airport Bus
4:56 - Line 5
4:50 5:10

Last connections:

Piazzale Roma to Mestre to Forte Nove (boat)
Departure from the airport 0:40 (daily) - line 5 23:50 - ATVO 0:20
Arrival in the centre 1:01 0:10 0:57


Taxi is the most expensive and least convenient way to get to Venice. It takes you to the same place as the buses, Piazzale Roma, from where you have to walk or take a boat to your hotel in the centre.

The only sense it can make is when going to your hotel in the outskirts of Mestre.

The price to central Venice is 45 eur, while to Mestre is 35 eur.

To Treviso airport

If you intend to transfer between Marco Polo and Treviso airports, head first to Mestre (see airport transfers section above) where you will change to a Terravision or ATVO bus direct to Treviso airport. In total, the journey will cost you 20 eur, and if you walk to the village of Tessera, 13,50 eur.

There is no direct connection between the airports.

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