Transportation from Sarajevo Airport


The easiest way from the airport is by taxi or rental car. Public transport is very lightly frequented.


There is a taxi rank right outside the terminal, which is open 24/7. The price is fixed and there is no meter. To the bus or train station pay 30 bam, to the historic centre 40 bam.

You can only pay in cash, euros are also commonly accepted. If you pay in euros, the amount should be half the value in Bosnian marks.

Bolt or Uber do not operate in Sarajevo, but you can use the popular local app MojTaxi.

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Rent a car

If Sarajevo airport will be the starting point for exploring the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, renting a car seems to be the most convenient option.

In particular, exploring the mountains, natural beauty and small villages is very difficult without a car.

Many local and large multinational rental companies operate at the airport. Prices for a week start at around 170 eur.

Compare prices - book a car

Centrotrans bus

A special Centrotrans bus service runs directly from the terminal (the stop is about 50 metres from the exit behind the car park) to the city centre to the Baščaršija area.

The bus is not marked with the number of the line, but only with a sign saying "Aerodrom - Bentbaša", which is a street right in the Baščaršija district.

The online timetable is published on the airport website and is also posted at the bus stop. The ticket is paid at the bus driver and only in cash.

  • Travel time - 35 minutes
  • Fares - 5 bam / 8 bam return with open date and time of departure
  • Frequency - 8-9 times a day
  • Last connection from the airport - 20:30
  • First connection from the city centre - 6:55am (on Sundays and public holidays up to 9:30am)

Trolleybus from Dobrinja district

If the times don't suit you, just walk less than a kilometre through the residential area to the Dobrinja district, where trolleybuses 103 and 107 run to the centre.

The frequency of the buses is 9 to 11 minutes during the day and it takes 35-40 minutes to get to the centre (Trg Austrije).

You can buy a single ticket for 1,60 bam at the newsagent or for 1,80 bam from the bus driver.

  • Line 103: Dobrinja - Skenderija (modern centre) - Trg Austrije (historical centre)
  • Line 107: Dobrinja - H. Hume (modern centre) - Jezero (north of the city)
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