Services at Sarajevo Airport


Find out what services and facilities are available at Sarjevo Airport. Where is the best place to eat and where to shop?

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Internet and wi-fi

You can connect to the internet via free wi-fi for 60 minutes each time. However, you can reconnect repeatedly.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in the EU, so European sim card holders here must pay full roaming tariffs.

Dining options

Refreshments are two in the public area of the terminal with a simple menu of sandwiches and drinks.

There are also two small bistros behind security with a very limited range of simple meals.

In general, Sarajevo airport is very poorly equipped with restaurants and it is often the case that the snack bars in the transit area are completely sold out.


Shops behind security control concentrate only on duty-free goods and clothing.

There is one newsagent in the public area.

There is no mini-market or food supermarket operating at the airport.

ATMs and exchange offices

ATMs from several different banks can be found in the public area to the left of the arrivals hall exit.

The exchange office offers unfavourable exchange rates and it is better to withdraw money from an ATM.

Luggage storage

There are no luggage storage or automatic lockers at Sarajevo Airport.

Smoking room

A smoking lounge is available after security check.

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