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Grand Case-Espérance Airport

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Grand Case-Espérance Airport in a nutshell

Krystof Hajek updated 26. 2. 2024

On the Caribbean island of Saint Martin lies the famous SXM airport in the Dutch part of the island, near the town of Cole Bay.

However, the French part of the island also has its own significantly smaller airport. About 1 km from Grand Case and 9.5 km from the largest town of Marigot, you can also use Grand Case-Espérance Airport for flights to the islands of Guadeloupe or Saint Barthelemy.

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Air Caraïbes provides the largest share of traffic to Guadaloupe, through which it offers connecting flights to Paris and other islands in the Caribbean, for example.

Local flights to St. Barth are operated by St. Barth Commuter.

The single terminal is very small and uncluttered. It handles all scheduled flights and on departure you go through security (queues of about 15-20 minutes) and passport control (about 2 minutes).

You also go through passport control if you are flying to other French territories, so technically on domestic flights.

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