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St. Barthelémy Gustaf III Airport

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St. Barthelémy Gustaf III Airport in a nutshell

David Eiselt updated 20. 2. 2024

The airport on the Caribbean island of St. Bartholomew is one of the most famous in the world among aviation enthusiasts. The terminal is located in the village of Saint-Jean about 2 km from the capital Gustavia.

The short runway is bordered by the sea with a beautiful beach on one side and a steep hill with a roundabout for cars on the other side. The landing at the local airport is truly spectacular.

Thanks to the fact that pilots have to undergo special training, the plane journey to St. Bartholomew is safe and accidents rarely happen here.

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Winair is the busiest airline to St. Martin SXM Airport, where it connects to the USA, Paris and Amsterdam. Tradewind Airlines also operates a significant number of flights from San Juab, Puerto Rico.

It is a good idea to allow time when planning your air travel. Due to the challenging terrain around the runway, the airport can only be flown to in good weather and only during daylight hours.

Therefore, also check the ferry sailing times on

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