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St. Barthelémy Gustaf III Airport

Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Saint Bartholomew Airport

Transfer at Saint Bartholomew Airport

David Eiselt updated 20. 2. 2024

Passengers at the local airport will use one terminal common to all departures and arrivals.

The departure area with check-in counters is located in a semi-outdoor area and the overall impression of the airport is very pleasant and relaxed.

On the 1st floor of the terminal there is a room with comfortable seats and a beautiful view of the tarmac.

Security and passport control

There is no security check at the airport before departure.

However, you will always go through passport control, even when arriving or departing from/to French territories. However, passport control is a matter of 1 minute.

Transfer between flights

St. Bartholomew is a small terminal airport and transfers are not common here.

Also because of this, the terminal does not have a direct transfer transit area and you always have to go out and check in again.

The realistic transfer time scheduled on your own is between 5 and 10 minutes. However, due to the possibility of flight cancellations due to weather, we do not recommend "tightly" scheduling transfers on St. Bartholomew.

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