Hotels and sleeping at Roatan Airport


For early morning departures or very late arrivals, it is worth staying overnight at the airport for convenience.

Getting to the city centre in the morning and at night is possible only by taxi and especially in the morning it can be difficult to find a taxi in the outskirts of the island.

Staying overnight in the terminal - opening hours

Roatán airport closes for the night and it is not possible to stay overnight. The terminal opens about 2.5 to 3 hours before the first morning departure, usually around 4:00 am.

Due to the very cramped conditions inside the airport building, an overnight stay at Roatán Airport would be very uncomfortable anyway.

Accommodation near the airport

There are several accommodations in close proximity to the airport within a 10-minute walk in a safe area.

  • Airport Inn Roatán - Approximately 10-12 minutes walk, simple but clean and well rated apartment.
  • Hotel Economica - A small local hotel 3 minutes walk from the airport is very cheap with an average rating. However, for a one-night stay, less demanding travelers will certainly find it sufficient.

If you are renting a car on the island or staying at a hotel resort with your own transport, choose accommodation right at your destination.

The best resorts on Roatán

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