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Transportation from Pescara Airport

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The airport terminal is about 5 km south of the centre of Pescara and 107 km from the highest massif of the Apennines, the Gran Sasso. The airport is only accessible by road.

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Bus to Pescara and Chieti

Pescara Airport can be reached by public transport buses operated by TUA and by special Pescara Air Link buses operated by Trenitalia.

Pescara Air Link

Trenitalia's large, modern red buses provide a direct, non-stop service to Pescara Centrale station, located right in the centre. These buses run every hour in the morning (from about 7:30am to 12:30pm) and then every hour again in the evening from 7pm to midnight.

You can buy a ticket from the driver for 1,20 eur to the centre. On the website you can then buy a ticket online from/to the airport (enter PESCARA AEROPORTO) to anywhere on the rail network, changing trains at Pescara Central Station.

The bus stop is right outside the terminal.

Public transport TUA Abruzzo

Classic green urban and suburban buses provide services throughout the day at irregular intervals of about 5 to 20 minutes from Monday to Saturday and about once every 20 minutes throughout the day on Sundays and public holidays. A detailed timetable search engine can be found at

For detailed information on getting around the city, see the Pescara travel guide.

Tickets can only be purchased in cash from the driver. On the way from the centre to the airport, you can buy a ticket from any newsagent, but there is no ticket seller near the airport.

  • 1,10 eur - 1 ride
  • 1,20 eur - transfer for 90 minutes
  • 2,70 eur - all day

If you don't want to pay in cash, tickets can be purchased via the TUAbruzzo mobile app (available at: App Store / Google Play). Choose the "Pescara Urbano" option.

The public transport stop can be found on the main street across the car park, about 60 metres from the terminal. As you exit the airport, the centre of Pescara is to the left. The following lines pass through the bus stop:

  • Line 8 - runs from Pescara Centrale station to the nearby IPERCOOP shopping centre.
  • Line 38 - only goes from the airport via Pescara Centrale to Montesilvano and on to Capelle sul Tavo
  • Line 1005 - runs from Pescara Centrale station via the airport to Chieti and Petranico
  • Line 1010 - runs from Pescara Centrale station via the airport to Chieti and Serramonacesca
  • Line 1021 - runs from Pescara Centrale station via the airport to Chieti and Scafa
  • Line 1022 - runs from Pescara Centrale station via the airport to Chieti and Abbateggio
  • Line 4021 - runs from Pescara Centrale station via the airport to Chieti

On Sundays, the vast majority of services are operated by line 38 only, supplemented by a few services on line 4021.

Public transport to Chieti

The popular historic town of Chieti, one of the most visited in the Abruzzo region, can be reached directly from the airport by bus lines 1005, 1010, 1021, 1022 and 4021. On weekdays and Saturdays the interval is about 10-20 minutes, on Sundays only 1-2 times per hour.

You can buy a 90-minute ticket for 1,20 eur from the driver or via the TUAbruzzo mobile app (available on the App Store / Google Play). Choose from the "Suburbano" option.

Rent a car

Several car rental agencies have counters right at the airport. If you want to go exploring the mountain areas of Abruzzo, then renting a car is definitely the best option.

Due to less competition, prices here are slightly higher than at the larger Italian airports, so for a 4-day rental you will pay on average around 250 eur.


There is an official taxi rank at the airport just outside the concourse. Prices to Pescara city centre are fixed and you pay 20 eur, and to Chieti 35 eur. Payment is usually cash only.

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