Transportation from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


From Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), Paris can be reached by public transport buses, the RER and, of course, taxis.

A transport finder combining all public transport:

Carrier Travel time Price Frequency

RATP buses
350 a 351

75 minutes 2,15 eur 10-15 minutes
Train RER B 40 minutes 11,80 eur 7-12 minutes
Bus RoissyBus 50 minutes 16,60 eur 15-30 minutes

Where can I find the stations at the airport and where can I buy tickets? Read the detailed information below.

Buses 350, 351 to Paris

RATP buses 350 and 351 are the cheapest transport to the city centre. Even though the airport is located in zone 5, the 350 and 351 buses are just a regular "ticket t+" for 2,15 eur (purchased at a ticket machine) or 2,50 eur (purchased from the driver - cash only).

  • Line 350 - to Porte de la Chapelle metro station (transfer to metro line 12)
    • Journey time - 75 minutes to Porte de la Chapelle + approx. 25 more minutes by metro to the centre
    • Frequency - 10 to 15 minutes on weekdays, 25 to 30 minutes on weekends
    • Opening hours - approx. 5:30 to 22:30
    • Stops at the airport - circular service in the direction of the city centre on the route Terminal 2A/2C -> TGV and RER stations (at Terminal 2) -> Terminal 2B/2D -> Roissypole (Terminal 3 + CDG Val) -> Terminal 1
    • At Roissypole station the bus waits about 8 minutes, so it is worth changing to the free CDG Val automatic train at Roissypole station on your way from the centre to Terminal 1
    • A tip for a hotel near Porte de la Chapelle station - we recommend taking the metro closer to the centre and staying in a nice hotel, for example Caulaincourt Montmartre ** near Lamarck-Caulaincourt station
  • Line 351 - to the Nation metro station in the eastern part of Paris (transfer to metro lines 1, 2, 6, 9)
    • Travel time - 90 minutes to Nation station + approx. 20 minutes by metro to the city centre
    • Frequency - 10 to 15 minutes on weekdays, 25 to 30 minutes on weekends
    • Operating hours - approx. 5:30 to 21:40
    • Stops at the airport - circular service in the direction of the centre on the route Terminal 1 -> Terminals 2A/2C -> TGV and RER stations (at Terminals 2) -> Terminal 2B/2D -> Roissypole
    • At the station at terminals 2A/2C the bus waits about 8 minutes, so it is better to take bus number 350 on the way from terminal 1 to the centre
    • Tip for a hotel near Nation station - great value for money: Nouvel Hotel ***
  • Detailed timetables on

The bus stops at terminals 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D are always on the 1st floor of all terminals and are marked with the line numbers. The bus stop at Terminal 1 is marked only with the misleading "Suburban Buses" sign and is located on the departure level, exit 10d.

Tickets for 2,15 eur can be purchased from the ticket machine at the bus stop (terminals 2A/2C or 2B/2D only) or for 2,50 eur from the driver in cash.

Mark the ticket in the validator when boarding the bus.

RER train to Paris

The RER blue line B urban rail train is the fastest way to get to the city centre.

The ticket costs 11,80 eur and can be bought from a ticket machine or at the manned ticket office before entering the platform.

The train will take you to Gare du Nord or Notre Dame Cathedral.

Trains at the airport stop at the following stations:

  • Aéroport CDG 1 - at Roissypole bus station, 5 minutes walk to terminal 3 and a total of about 7 minutes on the free automatic train "CDG Val" to terminal 1.
  • Aéroport CDG 2 - at the TGV station in the middle of the terminals 2 area
    • Terminals 2A, 2D, 2E and 2F - approx. 6 minutes on foot
    • Terminals 2B, 2C - approx. 12 minutes on foot or free airport bus (however, the frequency is 10 minutes and it is somewhat difficult to find a stop)
    • Terminal 2G - approx. 6 minutes on foot to Terminal 2F, from where you have to take another 10 minutes on the free airport bus

When travelling from the city centre to the airport, pay attention to your destination. The line branches - some services go to the Mitry-Claye terminal and most services go to the airport (Aéroport CDG 2).

A detailed timetable can be found on the website:, click on the blue letter "B".

  • Journeytime - 38 minutes to Chatelet station in the city centre
  • Frequency - 7-12 minutes
  • Fares - 11,80 eur
  • First connection from Gare du Nord - 4:53 (from Chatelet-Les Halles up to 5:24)
  • Last connection from the airport - 22:49
  • Tip for a hotel near Gare du Nord: traditional 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord **** directly opposite the station
  • Tip for a hotel in the centre near the Chatelet station: a nice small one Handsome Hotel *** with the best price within the centre

Are full day bus/train tickets worth it?

The airport is located in zone 5, so buying a day ticket for Paris public transport is only worth it if you are going to go elsewhere outside Paris that day (for example, Versailles or Orly airport) and also make at least 3 more trips around Paris.

The cheapest ticket for zones 1-5 is the Navigo Découverte card for 30 eur + 5 eur for the actual issuance of the card. This ticket is valid for the whole week, but only during the period Monday to Sunday. So if you arrive on Thursday, for example, the weekly card will not be valid for the whole week, but only until the following Sunday.

The Navigo Découverte card can only be purchased at the ticket counter with the attendant and you need your own passport size or smaller photo.

The other option is the Paris Visite Pass, which can also be purchased at the vending machines. The ticket for zones 1-5 costs the following amounts:

  • 1 day - 29,25 eur
  • 2 days - 44,45 eur
  • 3 days - 62,30 eur

For detailed information on fares and zones in Paris, see the separate guide to Paris.


Direct connections to central Paris are provided by the RoissyBus, which runs from Ópera metro station and stops at all terminals at the airport.

Tickets cost 16,60 eur and can be bought from a machine at the bus stop.

Although this connection is the most expensive, the advantage is the direct connection to the Opera area, which can only be reached by train with a long transfer at Chatelet-Les Halles station to metro line 7.

Detailed information and timetable can be found on the website:

It runs from 5:15 to 0:30 every 15 to 30 minutes and takes about 80-95 minutes to get to the centre.

Map of public transport

See a map of all the train and bus lines serving Paris CDG Airport.

Night transport

A pair of Noctilien bus lines , the N140 and N143, run to Gare de l'Est between 0:00 and 5:00 at night. Both run once an hour and the fare is 2,15 eur.

Taxi, Uber, Bolt

Convenient train service to the airport ends before 23:00, and after that time, a taxi is practically the only way to go. You'll find official stands clearly marked outside each terminal.

To take advantage of the often up to 20% cheaper services via the Uber or Bolt mobile apps, watch for the "Ride app pick-up" signs.

Prices for regular taxis are fixed:

  • City centre on the right bank of the Seine - 56 eur
  • City centre on the left bank of the Seine - 65 eur

To Orly Airport

Le Direct Buses between the two airports have been cancelled, leaving the only option to travel by train, with a change in Paris.

It is better to allow extra time due to the frequent heavy traffic. A minimum of 4 hours is generally recommended for a transfer between CDG and Orly, but this is the minimum.

A safe transfer is from 6 hours upwards.

RER + OrlyVal train

The RER B train takes you from CDG airport to the "Antony" station (about 65 minutes), where you change to the automatic OrlyVal train, which takes you directly to the Orly airport terminal. The total journey takes about one and a half hours. In total, you will pay for the ticket 25,30 eur.

Tram + metro + bus

And if you really have a lot of time, you can get between the airports for 6,45 eur, i.e. for 3 tickets ticket t+.

Use the first one for the 351 bus to get to the final Nation stop.

Here you will change to metro 6, which will take you to Place d'Italie station, where you will change to metro 7, which will take you to Villejuif-Louis Aragon station. You only need one ticket t+ for this connection.

From Villejuif-Louis Aragon, take the T7 tram to Orly airport for an additional €2.15.


Taxi fares to Orly Airport are calculated according to the taximeter and depending on traffic you will pay between 75 eur and 85 eur.

Cheap hotels near Orly Airport

Trains to the whole of France

In addition to the train station for trains to central Paris, between Terminal 2 there is also a long-distance station for TGV high-speed trains that take you directly from the airport to the whole of France without changing trains.

For the lowest price, always buy your tickets online at the official French Railways website:

Buy your ticket at

To Disneyland

There is also a direct bus service from the airport „Magical Shuttle“ to Disneyland Paris. Departures are approximately every hour from terminals 1 and 2. It takes three quarters of an hour to an hour to get there and pay 24 eur.

Rent a car

If you are heading to Paris, we strongly advise against travelling by car, getting around the city is impossible from a tourist perspective by car.

However, if you want to head straight from CDG airport to explore the French countryside, renting a car is the most flexible option.

There are many car rental companies of well-known brands at the airport, compare all prices in one click via

Compare CDG Airport car rental prices

Where to go in Paris?

The airport shuttle to the city centre is just the start of your stay. Discover what to see and experience in Paris in our comprehensive guide.

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