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Transportation from Chisinau Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 1. 12. 2023

The airport is connected to the city centre by trolleybuses, which are by far the cheapest form of transport.

Official taxis and taxis are available via the hip and Yandex mobile apps.

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Trolleybus 30

Trolleybus line 30 runs directly to the city centre to the National Library and the area around the main square "Piața Marii Adunări Naționale".

The stop is right in front of the terminal.

Official website of the public transport in Chisinau: (available in Moldovan only).

Fares for 6 mdl can only be paid in cash inside the trolleybus. Tickets are sold by the conductor who walks through the car himself. There is no need to actively check in, the conductor always finds new passengers himself.

  • Frequency - 16 to 23 minutes
  • Journey time - 45 to 50 minutes
  • Ticket - 6 mdl
  • Last trolleybus from the airport - 23:24
  • First trolleybus from the centre (stop "Teatrul Național Mihai Eminescu") - 5:19 on weekdays; 5:24 on weekends and holidays
  • Download the timetable:

Taxi, mobile app Yandex / Hip

Although official taxis run with a meter, taxi drivers often try to negotiate a price outside the meter.

Normally an official taxi will take you downtown for 150 mdl to 200 mdl.

It is considerably cheaper to use the mobile apps Hip (formerly iTaxi) or Yandex. Depending on current demand, a trip to the centre will cost 50 mdl to 90 mdl.

Car rental

If you're heading from the airport not to the centre of Chisinau, where a car would be just fine, but to the Moldovan countryside, there are plenty of local and international car rental companies in the terminal.

Rental prices for 4 days range from 130 eur.

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