Transportation from Billund Airport

Legoland in Billund

Billund Airport is located roughly in the middle of the Jutland peninsula and is therefore one of the main starting points for travel around Denmark.

This is also why buses from many cities in the surrounding area come to the terminal.


There is no railway to the Billund Airport terminal, so you can only use bus routes.

To view all timetables and find connections throughout Denmark, visit

Tickets for all connections throughout Denmark can be purchased via the Rejsebillet mobile app or by card from the driver. There is a ticket machine outside the terminal where you can also buy tickets (for all routes except route 912X)

You can also buy a Rejsekort discount card at the machine for 80 dkk, which will make travel cheaper. For the Rejsekort discount card to be worthwhile, you would need to use the bus at least 6-8 times during your stay (depending on the length of the route).

Almost all buses to Billund Airport are operated by local carrier Sydtrafik. The exception is the 912X line, which is operated by Midtrafik.

Direction Billund and Legoland

One of Denmark's biggest attractions, the original Legoland, can be found in close proximity to the airport about 7 minutes away by bus.

There are many bus routes to get to Legoland, with a cumulative frequency of about 10 minutes across the day.

  • Lines - 43, 119, 143, 144, 944X, 166
  • Ticket price - 26 dkk (with Rejsekort 15,60 dkk)
  • Journey time - 8 minutes
  • Cumulative interval - 3 to 25 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport - 23:15
  • First bus from Billund - 5:53 (from Legoland stop)

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Directions Aarhus and Horsens

The 912X express buses run to Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city.

They also stop in Horsens and Skanderborg along the way.

  • Lines - 912X
  • Ticket price - 155 dkk (with Rejsekort 133 dkk)
  • Journey time - 90 minutes
  • Frequency - 60 to 120 minutes
  • Last bus from airport - 1:00
  • First bus from Aarhus - 3:04

Direction Vejle

Bus number 43 runs directly to the nearest big city, Vejle, where you can change to long-distance trains to, for example, Copenhagen or Odense.

  • Lines - 43, 143
  • Ticket price - 64 dkk (with Rejsekort 40,40 dkk)
  • Journey time - 30 minutes (line 143 takes 44 minutes)
  • Frequency - 30 to 60 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport - 0:32
  • First bus from Vejle - 3:33

Direction Esbjerg

The port city of Esbjerg in western Denmark can be reached by express bus number 944X or the slower bus number 144.

  • Lines - 144, 944X
  • Ticket price - 84 dkk (with Rejsekort 53,20 dkk)
  • Travel time - 80 minutes (line 144 runs 105 minutes)
  • Frequency - 45 to 75 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport - 0:32
  • First bus from Vejle - 3:33

Car rental

Explore the Danish countryside without the hassle and rent a car directly at Billund Airport.

There are many international rental companies operating in the arrivals hall, and even with a lot of competition, the prices are relatively low for Danish ones.

For a 4-day car rental in Billund you will pay approximately 130 eur.


There are no Bolt or Uber mobile apps operating in the area, but there are always plenty of classic taxis waiting outside the terminal.

Due to the high prices, it is perhaps only worth using a taxi to nearby Legoland (about 7 minutes away), where you will pay around 100 dkk.

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