Transportation from Beijing Capital Airport

Great Wall of China

Beijing Airport is connected to an express train line and special bus routes to several locations in the city centre.

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Taxis are the most popular mode of transport.


Only official taxis are available to get to the airport. Services like Uber, Grab or Bolt don't work here.

There are clearly marked taxi ranks outside both terminals. Please note that due to the extreme popularity of this mode of transport, queues often last up to 45 minutes.

However, taxi travel is the most convenient and can be the cheapest if you are travelling with more than 3 people.

Most taxi drivers don't speak English at all, so ideally have your destination written in Chinese on your mobile phone to show the taxi driver.

Taxi prices and payment

All official taxis run on a metered basis. If the taxi driver refuses to turn on the meter, get out and take another car.

It is easiest for foreign tourists to pay the fare in cash.

You can also pay via the Alipay, Union Pay or Wechat Pay apps. Visa or Mastercard cards are not accepted.

The price is calculated according to the distance travelled and the time spent on the road.

  • Tian'anmen Square - CNY 120
  • Beijing West Station - CNY 160
  • Beijing East Station - CNY 140

Train and subway

Both terminals are served by a special airport train line, which connects to Beijing's regular subway network at several stations.

Official information can be found most clearly on the airport website:

  • Sanyuanqiao - transfer to the subway circular line (number 10) on the outskirts of the city
  • Dongzhimen - transfer to the inner subway circle line (number 2) and to line number 13
  • Beixinqiao - transfer to line 5

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The express train station is at terminals 2 and 3.

Trains run every 10 minutes from approximately 6:00 to 22:30 (from the airport from approximately 6:30 to 22:50). The journey times vary according to the terminals and direction of travel:

  • Terminal 2 -> Dongzhimen: 21 minutes
  • Dongzhimen -> Terminal 2: 35 minutes
  • Terminal 3 -> Dongzhimen: 30 minutes
  • Dongzhimen -> Terminal 3: 16 minutes

Tickets and transport cards

The price of a single train ticket is 25 CNY.

If you will be transferring to other subway lines and travel further around Beijing by public transport, it is worth buying a "Yikatong" transport card.

Purchase the card at the ticket office before entering the platform.

The Yikatong Card costs 20 cny and if you return it to the ticket office before departure, you will get the full amount back. You load any amount of money onto the card, which will be gradually charged with each subway or bus ride.

The average cost of a subway ride in Beijing, depending on distance, is between 10 cny and 15 cny.


There are also special airport bus services to both terminals to several destinations within Beijing.

Please note that the buses have significantly fewer stops on the way to the airport than on the way from the airport.

For a clear map of stops in each direction, please visit the airport website:

  • Beijing West Railway Station Line - Frequency 30 minutes, also stops in the historic centre of Beijing on the way from the airport
  • Beijing South Railway Station Line - Frequency 60 minutes
  • Gongzhufen Line - Frequency 30 to 60 minutes
  • Tongzhou Line - Frequency 60 minutes

Tickets and prices

Prices vary between 20 cny and 30 cny depending on the distance travelled.

Tickets can be purchased at the kiosk before boarding the bus in the direction of the airport.

If you are travelling to the airport, purchase your ticket from the driver.

You can pay in cash or via the Chinese apps WeChat Pay, UnionPay or Alipay. Payment by Visa or Mastercard is not possible.

Transportation to Beijing-Daxing Airport

If you need to transfer to a second Beijing airport, you have several transport options.


Taxis are the most convenient, but most expensive transportation.

Depending on the traffic congestion, taxi fares range between 350 cny and 400 cny.


A direct bus line currently runs only 3 times a day and the ticket costs 55 cny.

For exact journey times, please visit the airport website:


The most complicated transport is by train and metro, during which you will have to make 3 changes.

  • Capital Airport Express - go to "Sanyuanqiao" station
  • Metro Line 10 - go to "Cao Qiao" station
  • Daxing Airport Express - takes you to Daxing Airport

The total fare will be around 65 cny and the journey time including transfers will be around 75 minutes.

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