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Find out what services and facilities are available at Beijing Capital Airport. Where is the best place to eat and shop?

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Internet and wi-fi

Wi-fi is free to use with no time limit. Select the "AIRPORT-FREE-WIFI" network.

You need to log in to the internet with a code, which you will receive by text message. Therefore, you need to enter a real phone number when logging in. The sms will come without any problem even to a foreign phone number.

Alternatively, you can get the code at the automated kiosks located throughout the airport, where you have to scan your passport.

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Luggage storage

There are a total of 4 luggage lockers at the airport. All are open from 6:00-22:00. The fee for storage within 24 hours is 100 cny.

  • Terminal 2 - Arrivals Hall near Gate 9
  • Terminal 2 - Departure Lounge near door number 10
  • Terminal 3 - East side of arrivals hall
  • Terminal 3 - west side of arrivals hall

ATMs and exchange offices

There are many exchange offices at the airport, but the exchange rates are not very good.

Much better is withdrawing money from Bank of China ATMs, which allow most foreign cards (such as Revolut) to be withdrawn for free. ATMs are located in many places around the airport.

Shops and supermarkets

Terminals 2 and 3 both feature a large number of shops selling luxury fashion, jewellery, watches or travel gear.

There are also many duty free shops.

Most of the shops are located after the security checkpoint and an annoying fact is the very short opening hours. Especially the shops of luxury brands are usually only open between 10:00 and 18:00.

There are also a few mini-markets at the airport with takeaway snacks:

  • Family Mart - Terminal 2, domestic section, after security check, 24/7
  • Family Mart - Terminal 2, common public area, 24/7
  • Family Mart - Terminal 3E, international section, after security, 6:00 a.m. last departure
  • Lawson - Terminal 3D, domestic section, after security, 6:30am-8:30pm
  • Lawson - Terminal 3, common public area, 4th floor, 6:00 a.m. last departure
  • Lawson - Terminal 3, public common area, 2nd floor, 24/7
  • Bilibee - Terminal 3C, domestic section, after security check, 24/7

Drug stores with pharmacy facilities are also available in both terminals.

  • ATIC - Terminal 2, domestic section, after security check, 6:00-22:00
  • Tong Ren Tang - Terminal 3, common public area, 6:00-22:00

A list of all shopping options can be found on the airport website:

Dining options

Beijing Airport is well equipped with local restaurants and international fast-food outlets. There is more choice after security, but you won't find many restaurants in the international section in particular, and only a minimum of branches remain open overnight.

Most establishments are open from 7am to 10pm. Which dining options are open 24 hours?

Terminal 2

No restaurant stays open around the clock.

Terminal 3

  • Xiao Mian - Chinese specialties: public area, 2nd floor, 24/7
  • Dagu Rice Noodle - Chinese specialties: public area, 4th floor, 24/7
  • Bassam - Chinese specialties: public area, 5th floor, 24/7
  • Starbucks: public area, 2nd floor, 24/7
  • Starbucks: international departures, after security check, 24/7
  • Costa Coffee: international departures, after security check, 24/7

A list of all restaurants can be found on the airport website:

Drinking water

After security, cold and hot drinking water dispensers are located in all terminals.

You can get your own bottle for free, which you can bring through security without any problems.


Public showers are not available at Beijing Airport, and you won't usually find showers in the premium lounges either.

Changing rooms

In the baggage claim belts, you'll find rooms in both terminals for changing clothes after a long flight.

Access is free 24/7.

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