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Transportation from Basel Airport

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The airport is served by public transport from Switzerland and Basel. Only bus lines lead to the terminal.

Bus to Basel (Switzerland)

Bus line 50 runs from the airport to Basel to SBB Central Station. On the way you can change to other bus, trolleybus and tram lines.

Official information, connection search and maps can be found on the website:

  • Price - free or 6,10 chf
  • Travel time - 17 minutes
  • Frequency - 7 to 15 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport - 0:36
  • First bus to the airport - 4:10

For official information, connection search and maps, visit:

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Free transport - BaselCard

If you stay in any registered accommodation within the city of Basel, you will receive a free BaselCard at the reception of your hotel, hostel or apartment.

The card entitles you to use the full range of public transport in Basel and the surrounding area, including the airport (zones 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15). You can travel for free on buses, trams, trolleybuses or trains.

  • Valid only for accommodation in Basel-Stadt (exact city limits map:
  • If you are staying in close proximity to Basel, but cadastrally in another city (e.g. Binningen, Alschwil, Münchenstein, Riehen or Birsfelden), you will not get the BaselCard.
  • In addition to transport, you get a 50% discount on admission to many attractions.
  • Official information:

You can also take advantage of the free transport on the way from the airport before you get your BaselCard at your accommodation. If you need to check your tickets, just show your Basel accommodation confirmation.

You will also receive a BaselCard if you book your stay through Airbnb or portals such as


In case you're just passing through Basel or staying outside the city limits, you'll need to buy a standard fare. Tickets can be purchased from a ticket machine at the bus stop or on the BLT, Fairtiq or EasyRide mobile apps.

A ticket valid for 120 minutes and unlimited transfers costs 6,10 chf. On the way from the airport to the city centre you will pass 3 fare zones (10, 14, 13).

A day ticket for 9,90 chf is valid for zones 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15. Valid until 5:00 am the next day (not 24 hours).

Bus to Saint-Louis (France)

The best way to reach the towns of Mylhousie, Colmar and many others on the French side is to take a combination of the number 11 bus line to Saint-Louis station, from where you continue to your destination by train.

Line 11 is operated by Distribus and official information can be found at

  • Price / 1 ride - 2,50 eur
  • Price / 24 hours throughout the Haut-Rhin region - 23,10 eur
  • Ride time - 10 minutes
  • Frequency - 15 to 30 minutes (30 to 50 minutes on weekends)
  • Last bus from the airport - 23:35
  • First bus to the airport - 5:20 (weekdays), 6:20 (Saturdays), 5:50 (Sundays and holidays)

Purchase a single ride ticket from the driver. You can pay by card or cash.

Additional tickets can be purchased online at

Trains from Saint-Louis

From Saint-Louis station, you can take a train to Mylhousie, Colmar or Strasbourg and, with one change, to Paris, for example.

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For timetables and to buy tickets online, visit

Destinations Price Travel time Frequency
Mylhousie From 3 eur 15-23 minutes 15-30 minutes
Colmar 15,20 eur 36 minutes 30 minutes
Sélestat 19 eur 49 minutes 30 minutes
Strasbourg 26,90 eur 70 minutes 30 minutes

Bus direction Freiburg and Neuenburg (Germany)

Direct buses to Freiburg, Germany depart from the French sector. On the way, the bus also stops in Neuenburg.

The service is operated by Freiburger Reisedienst.

The buses in the direction of the airport run approximately once per hour in the morning and morning and approximately once every two hours in the afternoon.

In the direction of the airport, buses run more frequently in the afternoon.

Tickets can be purchased online at

  • Feriburg - 24,99 eur
  • Neuenburg - 17,99 eur

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Car rental

Explore the picturesque hilly landscape of the Swiss-French border or go wine touring in the Alsace region.

To explore the countryside, it is ideal to rent a car at the airport. You can cross the borders into Switzerland and Germany by car without any worries.

Average rental prices for a week start at 420 eur.

Taxi, Uber

Taxis or the Uber mobile app are the fastest and only way to get around at night. Uber only operates in the direction of Switzerland.

Official taxis run by meter and you can always pay with cash and card. There are plenty of taxis waiting at the airport day and night and the waiting time will be up to 3 minutes at most.

Usually, an Uber ride can be up to half the price.

  • Basel - 50 chf for a taxi / from 25 chf for an Uber
  • Mylhousie - 50 eur for a taxi
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