Transfer at Basel Airport


The airport terminal is relatively small, but divided into two sectors: the French and the Swiss. Be careful especially on arrival, if you're heading to Basel you have to leave the airport via the "Swiss corridor", if you're heading to France you use the French corridor. If you take the wrong exit, you will have difficulty getting to the bus stop, the two sections are separated by a fence.

On the other hand, on departure, it doesn't matter which part you use to get through security. In the transit zone, the streams from both countries converge.

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Airport map

For a downloadable pdf map of the airport, please visit the airport's official website:

Transfer between flights

As the airport is mainly a base for low-cost airlines, there are no guaranteed transfers.

However, travellers often combine transfers on their own from two separate tickets via Basel.

Unfortunately, Basel Airport does not have a direct transfer option. In all cases, you must therefore leave the transit area, check in again and go through security (or passport control) back to the departure gates.

The total procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes. In case you are going through passport control (flight from outside the Schengen area), the time can extend up to 60 minutes.

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