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Volotea frequent flyer programme

David Eiselt updated 12. 8. 2023

To save money and buy cheaper tickets, you need to become a member of Megavolote. For a one-off annual fee, you'll get discounts on flights for you and all your fellow travellers on the same booking.

Membership is purchased together with your tickets, which are automatically discounted at €50 per year. Then turn off automatic membership renewal in your profile settings!

Is it worth buying? If you plan to travel with two people at least twice a year, then yes. The discount on flights is €10, which for 2 people and one return trip is €40. Membership, however, costs €50.

For those who plan to fly with Volotea really often, there is also a new program called Megavolotea Plus, which costs €100 for a year, the benefits are more significant than with a simple Megavolotea membership.

If you also fill in your date of birth in your profile, you will receive a birthday gift of €20 credit as a Megavolotea member, and even €35 as a Megavolotea Plus member.

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