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SalamAir baggage

David Eiselt updated 27. 8. 2023

SalamAir allows all passengers to carry 2 pieces of hand luggage free of charge. Additional baggage is based on the type of fare selected when purchasing the ticket.

Carry-on baggage

Whichever fare class you are travelling in, even the lowest Light class, you are entitled to two carry-on bags. Their dimensions and weight are as follows:

  • Large hand luggage: 56 x 45 x 25 cm and 7 kg
  • small hand luggage: 33 × 25 × 20 cm

The only exception is for passengers on the Luban fare, who can take two large hand luggage bags weighing a total of 14 kg on board.

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Checked baggage

The weight limit for checked baggage is determined by the fare class selected when purchasing the ticket. SalamAir allows you to check 2 bags for free, therefore this limit is the maximum for the combined weight of both bags.

The weight limit is as follows:

  • Light - 0 kg
  • Friendly - 20 kg
  • Benefit - 30 kg
  • Luban - 40 kg

The price difference between the Light and Friendly fares is usually only 7 EUR. Additional kilograms can be added in the second step of the ticket purchase. The price is approximately 60 EUR for 10 kg and 110 EUR for 20 kg extra.

The maximum limit for one checked bag is 32 kg and the overall dimensions (width × length × height) are 160 cm.

If the weight is exceeded, the following fee applies:

  • international flights: 5 OMR for each kilogram
  • domestic flights 3 OMR per kilogram

Strollers for children

The carriage of prams for small children is free of charge. The pushchair must be checked in at the latest before boarding the aircraft, but ideally you should already obtain a check-in sticker at the check-in counter at the airport.

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