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Neos baggage

David Eiselt updated 4. 10. 2023

Neos Air will offer 2 pieces of hand luggage and checked baggage as standard, according to the fare of the ticket purchased.

Hand luggage

You are entitled to two pieces of hand luggage on any Neos Air flight. The larger is limited to a weight of 8 kg and dimensions not exceeding a total of 115 cm (e.g. 55x40x20 cm).

In addition, you can bring a second smaller bag on board, which must fit under the seat in front of you. Usually these dimensions are about 40x30x20 cm, but they are not strictly specified or controlled.

Checked baggage

The weight and number of checked bags depends on the specific airfare and destination. As standard, the cheapest PROMO fare does not include checked baggage and it is necessary to purchase the RELAX fare with one checked bag. Alternatively, you can purchase your baggage during check-in online or at the airport.

The cost of additional baggage is 50 EUR with a weight of up to 15 kg and 75 EUR with a weight of up to 23 kg.

Overweight baggage is charged for when it exceeds 1 to 10 kg 50 EUR. For 11 kg or more, a second bag must be paid for.

For flights with CK Cedok from Prague, 1 piece of luggage weighing 20 kg is included free of charge. The weight limit applies to each piece of luggage and cannot be counted within a family.

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