Neos flights

Neos Boeing 787-900 in Prague PRG

Separate tickets are sold by Neos on its website The rule of thumb with this airline is that the earlier you buy your tickets, the better your chances of getting a low price.

Tickets on Neos flights are also available on global distribution systems and can be found on comparison sites such as

If you're flying with Neos on a charter flight, some travel companies (such as Czech Čedok) also sell separate tickets if seats are available. Generally, however, it's more economical to buy the whole tour package with accommodation.


Neos' regular flights run mainly from Italian cities, most of them from Milan Malpensa MXP airport, to the Greek islands, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Egypt and Tunisia.

Long-haul destinations include Phuket, Thailand, Mauritius, Jamaica, Cape Verde, Canada, USA, Madagascar, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico and many more.

Charter flights outside Italy

Neos also currently operates flights for the Czech travel agency Cedok on the following routes:

  • Prague - Nosy Be (Madagascar)
  • Prague - Zanzibar
  • Brno - Phuket
  • Brno - Mauritus
  • Ostrava - Phuket
  • Ostrava - Mauritius
  • Bratislava - Phuket
  • Bratislava - Mauritius

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