Neos check-in

Neos Boeing 787-900 in Prague PRG

Check-in for Neos flights can be done online and free of charge at the airport. Online check-in at is only available for individual tickets purchased directly through Neos.

If you are travelling with a travel agent as part of a tour (e.g. from Prague, Brno or Ostrava), you cannot check in online and must check in (free of charge) at the airport.

Check-in times at the airport

Check-in at the airport is normally open 120 minutes before departure on European routes and 180 minutesbefore departure on long-haul routes, where check-in closes 60 minutes before departure. At smaller airports such as Brno or Ostrava, check-in can start up to about 120-150 minutes before departure even on long-haul flights.

Boarding is strictly completed 30 minutes (40 minutes for long-haul flights) before departure.

Seat selection

The selection of a specific seat can be made when purchasing an individual ticket via the website at prices ranging from 12 eur to 30 eur depending on the attractiveness of the seat.

The same price will be paid if you make your selection at online check-in.

If you do not select a seat, you will be assigned a random seat free of charge.

If you are travelling as part of a tour through a travel agent, you cannot select a specific seat in advance. However, you can request a window or aisle seat at check-in at the airport and you will be accommodated, subject to availability.

In this case, we recommend that you arrive first at check-in.

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