Fly Lili flights

Flylili at Sibiu airport

Tickets with Flylili airlines are currently not available for purchase separately. The airline only provides charter flights, which are part of a tour package from a travel agent.

The plan is to sell tickets on flights from Brasov GHV airport to Munich, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Thessaloniki and Istanbul from summer 2024.

Tickets can be purchased on two fares a [translate=none]Classic. The difference is in checked baggage and change or cancellation options, with the cheaper fare not including any of these options.


Currently, the airline operates mainly flights from Romanian airports to three resorts in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt. Specifically, these airports are:

It has also started cooperation with Czech travel agencies Čedok and Fischer with Exim Tours from the DER Touristik group, for which it flies from the regional airports in Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice to Burgas, Bulgaria.

Route map

The available charter routes from Romania are also shown in the attached picture.

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