Everything you need to know before flying with Avianca

Avianca flights

Krystof Hajek updated 4. 11. 2023

Aviancy's main operations are primarily in the northwestern part of South America and throughout Central America. In virtually every country it operates an extensive network of domestic routes with many regional and long-haul international connections to the USA and Europe (Madrid, Barcelona and London).

Traditionally, the best airfares with Avianca are booked 2-4 months before departure.

For domestic flights within Peru, do not book on the Peruvian version of the site. While this will offer significantly cheaper prices than the international version, these are only subsidised prices for locals. If you purchase such a ticket, you will be charged extra at the airport. A similar rule was in place in Colombia, but has been abolished. Although tickets are still significantly cheaper on the Colombian version of the site, feel free to buy them.

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