Air China baggage

Air China

Air China tickets usually include free hand luggage and checked baggage, except on domestic flights and flights between China and Canada, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong or Macau, where new fares have been introduced since this year that may not include checked baggage.

Hand luggage

All passengers travelling with Air China are entitled to 2 complimentary carry-on bags. The dimensions and weight of hand luggage are:

  • 55 x 40 x 20 cm and 5 kg.

The smaller hand luggage is a small backpack, handbag or duty-free shopping bag. This luggage must fit under the seat in front of you and typically measures approximately 40x30x20 cm.

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Checked baggage

On most international routes, the so-called piece concept applies, where each passenger can check in at least 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kg free of charge.

This applies, for example, on flights from Europe to Asia or from America to Oceania.

The limits for checked baggage are as follows:

  • Economy class - 1 piece per 23 kg
  • Premium Economy - 2 pieces per 23 kg
  • Business and First Class - 2 pieces per 32 kg

From the end of 2023, Air China has introduced the now typical fare families - fares split by ancillary services - on flights within China and flights between China and Canada, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong or Macau.

Here, the limit shown on the fare applies.

However, if you are flying e.g. Europe - China - Thailand, the piece concept, i.e. 1 free bag, always applies.

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