Air Baltic in-flight services

Air Baltic - De Havilland DHC-4

AirBaltic is a typical low-cost airline in terms of services. No free in-flight refreshments are served and no other services are available.

Food on board

You can purchase snacks from the in-flight menu or better yet, pre-order your meal. AirBaltic's catering stands out from the grey of the airline industry and is one of the best you can taste in the air.

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For example, the airline offers surprises for your loved ones in the form of a bouquet of roses, macaroons with prosecco, chocolate cake, etc.

Standard meals served on the menu include variations from steaks to seafood and breakfast buffets. All the menu can be found at

Economy Class

What must be mentioned and emphasised is the fact that airBaltic affords passengers superior legroom even in economy class. Especially compared to other low-cost carriers.

The interior is coloured in light green with LED backlighting.


Don't expect an on-board entertainment system on flights with airBaltic. There are miniature overhead screens that serve only to monitor the flight and the position of the aircraft on the map.

Business class

The airline also offers premium business class travel. Due to the nature of the short and medium flights, you can't expect full business, but given the options you'll be satisfied.

Seats are standard for 6 people in business class, which is separated by a bulkhead from economy class. In-flight refreshments are served, see above.

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