Air Arabia flights

Air Arabia in Prague

Air Arabia is mainly active in the Middle East and on routes to South-Eastern Europe, as well as from Morocco to France, Belgium and Spain. It's worth buying tickets directly from the airline's website or via, where you can compare prices and flight times with other airlines.

Buy tickets with Air Arabia

The advantage of Air Arabia is that it offers cheap tickets even with a connection and competes quite significantly in price with more established airlines.

When to buy tickets

Air Arabia offers the cheapest tickets slightly in advance, usually 2-4 months before you plan to travel.


You can buy a ticket in three basic fares, which differ in additional services such as checked baggage, meals and flexibility. Prices are the same, give or take, and the difference between the cheapest and most expensive fares is less than 10% of the total amount.

A summary of the main differences is given in the table below:

Hand luggage Checked baggage Food Seating Flexibility
Basic 10 kg - - - -
Value 10 kg 30 kg sandwich and water free from 8th row free up to 8 hours before departure
Extra 10 kg 40 kg Any meal from the menu free anywhere free up to 8 hours before departure

Payment and administration fee

Tickets can be paid for on using all available payment methods, from online payment with Mastercard or Visa, to local payment services such as KNET, Fawry, RuPay, Giropay or Sofort.

Please note, however, that an administration fee of 8 eur is added to the final amount of the tickets at the final step. This fee cannot be removed and is calculated per person.


Air Arabia's flight offerings are primarily within Central and East Asia, North Africa and Southeast Europe. Most of its flights depart from these airports, where it is also based:

Popular destinations include resorts and major cities in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and dozens of other countries.

Route map

For the best overview of the destinations where Air Arabia flies regularly, please refer to the flight map. You can find it at or in the attached image below.

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