Air Arabia check-in

Air Arabia in Prague

Air Arabia offers all passengers free check-in at the airport or online. An exclusive city check-in service is available for a fee.

Check-in at the airport

Check-in counters for check-in and boarding passes open 3 hours before each flight and close as early as 1 hour before departure. Allow sufficient time to arrive at the airport.

Online check-in

Online check-in is available to all passengers free of charge. Enter the necessary details and print your tickets at

Check-in is available first:

  • 48 hours before departure from Morocco or Europe
  • 36 hours before departure from the United Arab Emirates
  • 23 hours before departure from other airports

If you have luggage to check in, you can check it in quickly without queuing at the counters Baggage Drop Off.

Check-in in the city

Air Arabia also offers travellers the option of checking in downtown up to 24 hours before departure at one of its dozens of branches. For specific addresses and opening times, visit These are the following cities in the Emirates:

  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Al Ain

The check-in fee is 20 aed per person, except in Abu Dhabi offices where the fee is 35 aed per adult and 25 aed per child.

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