Aegean Airlines in-flight services

Aegean Airlines

By European standards, Aegean Airlines is one of the better airlines offering interesting in-flight benefits ranging from free refreshments to available internet access on flights to and from Greece.


Aegean Airlines is going against the grain and instead of cutting back on free catering for economy class passengers, they are keeping it above standard. A light and tasty sandwich is served with a biscuit in a handy box. The on-board service will then offer additional drinks, coffee and tea.

Children receive an extra children's drink box.

Wifi and internet

In-flight internet connectivity is available on Airbus A320 and A321 NEO aircraft. Airlines are gradually installing the technology across their entire fleet, so Wifi may not be available on all flights.

Packages are split by speed with slower packages at 1.5 Mbps for email and web browsing and 15 Mbps for streaming video or video calls.

The basic plan costs just 4 eur for the entire flight for passengers on the Light and Flex plans. Other passengers get free internet access.

Light and Flex ComfortFlex Business Miles+Bonus GOLD
Text & Surf 4 eur Free - -
Stream 9 eur 5 eur Free Free
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