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Aegean Airlines

Everything you need to know before flying with Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines flights

Krystof Hajek updated 13. 9. 2023

Tickets with Aegean Airlines are mostly worth buying directly on the carrier's website Exceptions may be combinations of flights where Aegean serves as a connecting flight to another main flight. Either way, in many cases it is worth comparing Aegean fares with other airlines, for example on

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When to buy tickets

Aegean usually offers the cheapest tickets 2-4 months in advance, especially in the off-season months for which it regularly offers discount promotions.

For flights over the summer, i.e. from June to September, it is advisable to purchase tickets as early as possible. The usual price is around 250 EUR to 350 EUR for flights between Europe and the Greek islands.


Aegean Airlines operates an extensive network across Europe and partly to North Africa to Egypt or the Middle East. Aegean does not operate long-haul routes.

The Greek islands play a major role in the destinations, with really every island that has an airport on offer.

Route map

A detailed list of destinations can be viewed on the aeronautical map, which can be found at or in the image below.

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