Mercato di Rialto

Mercato Rialto

The Rialto Market is one of the oldest places in Venice and has always been the centre of the city. It is located in a central area on the banks of the Grand Canal just about 3 minutes' walk from the Ponte di Rialto.

Markets have been held in the Rialto area since the early 16th century. The main market building was and still is used as a fish market and dates back to the 19th century.

Other products such as spices, fruits, vegetables and many different products were then sold and are sold in the adjacent square.

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The market today

The Mercato di Rialto still serves its original purpose today without change.

In the fish market building you will find fishermen's stalls every morning and afternoon, and in the adjacent square, vegetable and fruit growers sell their produce.

The Rialto market is not primarily crowded with tourist stalls, but serves mainly the local population of Venice, which is reflected in the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

The fish market takes place from Tuesday to Saturday from about 7:00 am to noon and the open market in the square from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to late afternoon.

How to get there

Right on the promenade by the market is the stop of the water bus "Rialto Mercato", where line 1 stops connecting Piazzale Rome, the station, San Marco and Lido.

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