Grévin Museum

Grevin Museum

One of the largest and oldest wax museums in Europe, Musée Grévin is very popular not only among tourists. It was founded in 1882, but gradually grew in size and popularity.

Today you will find around 450 figures important to the history and present of France and the world - historical figures such as politicians, kings, inventors and, from more modern history and the present, film stars, sportsmen and presidents. You certainly won't get bored here and you will have fun in the room with mirrors, for example.

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Admission and opening hours

They are open daily 9:30-19:00.

Admission is best bought online at the official website

Online tickets are sold either for a specific date and time or cheaper without a specific time.

For a specific time:

  • Adults - 19,50 eur
  • Children under 16 years old - 14,50 eur

For an unspecified time:

  • Adults - 26,50 eur
  • Children under 16 years - 19,50 eur

There is also a family pass, which includes 4 people (2 adults, 2 children) and costs €17 each, for a total of €68. Transport and location

You can walk to the museum, it takes about 5 minutes from Richelieu-Drouot or Grands Boulevards metro station, where lines 8 and 9 run. Take bus 20 or 39 to the Grands Boulevards stop.

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