Transfer at Tel Aviv Airport


The airport has two terminals - 1 and 3. The two buildings are separate and are located about 2 km apart. You cannot walk between them, but only take the free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes from the train station at Terminal 3.

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Terminal 1

The older and smaller building is less equipped and only serves departing passengers of some airlines and domestic flights.

All international arrivals head to Terminal 3, so arriving passengers don't have to deal with transportation from Terminal 1 to trains and buses. These only stop at T3.

Conversely, if you are departing from Terminal 1 and not taking a taxi, then you will be transported from the train station at T3 to Terminal 1 by a free airport bus (frequency 15 minutes, runs 24/7).

For domestic flights to Eilat, Terminal 1 also serves as an arrivals terminal.

Airlines at Terminal 1

  • easyJet, Israir (some flights only), Pegasus Airlines, Ryanair, Transavia, TUS Airways, Wizz Air (most flights)
  • Arkia (flights to Eilat and Greece only)
  • El Al (flights to Greece only)

Terminal 3

The larger and more modern Terminal 3 serves all international arrivals and departures of a larger number of airlines.

All public transport stations, all arrival passport control and all baggage belts for arriving passengers are located at Terminal 3.

Passengers of airlines that normally check in from Terminal 1 for departures will be transferred immediately from the aircraft to Terminal 3 upon arrival.

Airlines at Terminal 3

  • all flights except those mentioned above at Terminal 1

Security check

Due to Israel's complex geopolitical situation, security checks at Tel Aviv Airport are stricter than elsewhere.

You will go through 3 security checks on departure .

  1. Interview with a security officer at the check-in counters (if you are travelling with hand luggage only, there are special counters just for you)
  2. Standard security screening (passing through X-ray frames)
  3. Passport control

There are only 2 checks upon arrival .

  1. Passport control
  2. Customs check

However, you won't miss the interview before your departure to Israel. So if you are travelling to Tel Aviv, arrive at the departure airport 2-3 hours before your flight.

There is no need to worry about the checkpoint, just answer questions honestly. Some may sound strange, some are repetitive. However, this does not mean that you are suspected of anything. The staff are just testing you to see if you will respond as expected.

Transferring between flights

You can transfer through the transit area without having to go through passport control in Terminal 3. Follow the "International Transfer" signs, which will take you through one security checkpoint.

There is no passport control when transferring.

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