Transportation from Split Airport


The airport is located in Kaštela, approximately 26 km from the centre of Split and 5.5 km from the historic town of Trogir.

Bus to Split

The centre of Split can be reached from the airport by 2 different bus companies.

Carrier Travel time Frequency Ticket price
Line 37 (Promet Split) 55 minutes 10-20 minutes 1,50 eur (via app)
3 eur (purchase from the driver)
Pleso Prijevoz 35 minutes 50-70 minutes 8 eur

Pleso Prijevoz

Pleso Prijevoz buses are the fastest form of public transport. In the centre of Split, the bus only stops at the main long-distance bus station near the train station and ferry port (location on The bus doesn't stop anywhere else along the way, so the average journey time is only 30-40 minutes.

However, the connection is not very frequent and even in the summer season there is an average of 1 bus per hour, rarely two.

The timetable is always published about 14 days in advance and usually covers most flights. However, the last Pleso Prijevoz buses from the airport to the centre leave around 23:10, so they do not follow the late night arrivals.

Ticket price is 8 eur, payable at the bus driver in cash only.

The airport bus stop is located about 20 meters from the terminal exit, follow the "Shuttle Bus" signs.

Public transport bus line 37

Bus line 37 of Promet Split provides the cheapest transport to Split.

The line operates from approximately 4:00 am to 12:00 am, running once every 10 minutes during the day, and once every 30 minutes in the early morning and late evening.

  • exact timetable at (departures from terminals - the bus from Trogir to Split will arrive at the airport after about 10 minutes)

The ticket costs 3 eur and can only be bought from the driver in cash. On the way to the airport you can also buy the ticket in Tisak newsagents.

Cheaper - for 1,50 eur - you can buy a ticket via the Promet Split mobile app.

The bus stop at the airport is about 100 meters from the terminal on the main road (under the trees). The bus stop to the centre of Split is on the far side of the road (buses go in the direction to the left when looking from the airport building).

In the centre of Split, the bus terminates at the main Sukoisan bus station for city lines (location on about 500 metres north of the historic centre of Split and Diocletian's Palace.

Line 37 stops at all stops along the way and the total journey time is 50-60 minutes depending on traffic.

Bus to Trogir

Line 37 not only runs from the centre of Split to the airport, but continues on to the centre of the historic town of Trogir. The journey from the airport takes only about 10-15 minutes and the bus has intervals of 20 minutes during the day (morning and evening about 30 minutes).

The timetable can be found on the public transport website, but only departure times from the terminals are given, not from the airport.

Tickets to Trogir bought from the driver or from newsagents cost 2,50 eur, via the Promet Split mobile app only 1,25 eur.

The bus stop for buses to Trogir is about 100 metres from the terminal on the main road. The bus stop to Trogir is on the near side of the road (buses go in the direction to the right when looking from the airport building).

Car rental

A large complex with many rental car brands can be found about 100 meters from the terminal through a pedestrian overpass.

Renting a car is convenient when exploring the Croatian coast and smaller, less populated beaches that aren't served by busy bus services.


The official taxi stand is on the left in front of the airport building. Taxi rides are strictly meter-driven, and if someone offers you a ride without the meter on, you'll probably pay more.

Taxi fares are very high and you will pay around 45 eur when going to the centre of Split , while to nearby Trogir around 25 eur.

Alternative taxi services, especially Uber, offer significantly lower prices. A trip to Split city centre from the airport (depending on peak times) costs from 22 eur to 35 eur.

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