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Transportation from Sofia Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 2. 9. 2023

Public transport to the centre of Sofia is provided by metro and bus.

The metro stops only at Terminal 2, from where you can take a free shuttle bus to Terminal 1 once every 30 minutes. Bus lines E84 and E184 run to the centre from both terminals.

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Tickets are valid for all modes of transport in Sofia, i.e. metro, buses and trams. You can change freely between all means of transport.

You don't need to buy tickets at all. Just use your own contactless card, which you attach to the turnstile every time you enter the station. You can also pay with the card on buses and trams by attaching it to a reader inside the car.

However, you can still buy tickets in paper form (one-off) or in the form of a rechargeable card (Sofia City Card) at a machine in the metro station. You cannot buy paper tickets or cards on the bus or at the bus stop.

Ticket Validity Price Payment method
Ticket 30+ One trip with transfer,
which must take place within 30 minutes of the time of the sign
1,60 bgn Contactless card
Paper ticket
Ticket 60+ One journey with a transfer,
which must take place within 60 minutes of being marked
2 bgn Contactless card
Sofia City Card
All day Only on a given calendar day from 0:00 to 24:00 4 bgn Contactless card*
Sofia City Card
24-hour Valid 24 hours from the time of marking 6 bgn Sofia City Card
72-hour Valid 24 hours after marking 15 bgn Sofia City Card

*In practice, the card has a daily limit of just 4 leva. Once you reach it, no more can ever be charged to the card per day. However, you still have to attach the card to the reader each time

Metro M4

The M4 yellow line metro is the fastest and most convenient transport to the city centre if you are heading from/to Terminal 2.

On the way from the centre, the red M1 line also stops at the M4 platforms in the same direction, but does not go to the airport.

From the airport, the metro will take you directly to the centre (St. Kliment Ohridski and Serdika stations) without changing trains.

At the final station "Obelya", the yellow line M4 changes automatically into the blue line M2, which goes, for example, to the main train and bus station without getting off. However, it is significantly faster to get to the station by changing at Serdika station.

  • Journey time - Serdika: 28 minutes
  • Journey time - Tsentralna Gara: 55 minutes without changing, or 35 minutes with a change at Serdika station
  • Frequency: 7 to 14 minutes
  • Last metro from the airport: 23:52
  • First metro from Serdika station: 5:09
  • Official metro website:
  • Transport Finder:


Bus lines are the most convenient transport to Terminal 1 without the need to change buses. Buses also have longer operating hours than the metro.

A pair of bus lines E84 and E184 run to the centre to the General Gurko terminus, where you can change to metro lines M3 (Orlov Most station) or M4 (St. Kliment Ohridski station).

Both have the same route. The only difference is the way to the terminals:

  • E84: Centrum -> Terminal 1 -> Terminal 2
  • E184: Centrum -> Terminal 2 -> Terminal 1

Detailed timetables can be found on the website:

  • Travel time - Generakl Gurko Str.: 30 minutes
  • Frequency: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Last bus from the airport: 23:30 (Terminal 2), 23:35 (Terminal 1)*
  • First bus from downtown: 4:30

* The last bus at 0:09 does not go to the centre, but ends its journey at the garage on the southern outskirts of Sofia.

There is also a 384 line to the airport (only to Terminal 2), but it is not usable for the city centre. Route 384 serves only the housing estates in the eastern suburbs of Sofia.


There are plenty of taxis waiting outside both terminals at all hours of the day and night. The price is calculated according to a taximeter that combines the distance travelled and the total journey time.

On average, you will pay approximately 20 bgn and can only be paid in cash. Taxi drivers also commonly accept euros. The nominal amount in euros is always half that of the Bulgarian leva.

There are no apps like Uber or Bolt operating in Sofia yet.

Car rental

There are many local and international car rental companies at Burgas Airport.

Prices in the summer season for a weekly rental are significantly lower than at the coastal airports and start as low as 70 eur.

Renting a car is a great option if you're heading straight from the airport to the Rila Mountains, the Pirin Mountains or to explore the Bulgarian countryside.

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