Transportation from Mumbai Airport


The airport is not connected to the metro or rail network and most passengers use Uber, Bolt or regular taxis to get to the city centre.

Buses also provide cheap connections to the centre, but these can be confusing for foreign travellers. When travelling by bus to the centre, a transfer to a train is always necessary.

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Taxi, Uber

If you're travelling with bulky luggage or if you want a convenient, transfer-free way to get directly to your destination, use the Uber app.

While there are regular metered taxis to the airport, many taxi drivers will try to negotiate an off-the-meter price that will be disadvantageous to you.

In contrast, when you travel in Uber cars, you know the price up front and you can also pay by mobile payment. Uber is very popular in Mumbai and you can get a car around the city and at the airport at all hours of the day and night.

Average prices are as follows. Prices are dynamic and vary according to current demand.

  • Gateway of India: 630 inr
  • Haji Ali Dargah: 715 inr
  • Madh Island: 810 inr
  • Navi Mumbai: 1 000 inr


There are no express bus services to the city centre yet.

Buses run from the airport to the surrounding neighbourhoods and are convenient, for example, when travelling to Vile Parle or Kurla train stations, from where you can reach the centre by local trains.

Fares range between INR 5 and INR 20 depending on distance. Pay only in cash to the conductor inside the bus.

For the airport, use the following bus routes. For a list of stops of specific lines and exact fares, visit the official website of the transport company:

Line Destinations Frequency Terminals
321 LTD Vile Parle (railway station), Mahim bus station 40 minutes 1, 2
365 Kurla (railway station) 20-35 minutes 2
409 LTD Mulund 15-45 minutes 2
A-337 Andheri (railway station) 9-15 minutes 2
382 LTD Vikhroli, Deonar, Anushakti Nagar 20-60 minutes 2
312 Vile Parle (Railway Station), GTM Nagar (Railway Station) 12-20 minutes 1
330 LTD Vile Parle (Railway Station), Kurla (Railway Station) 25-40 minutes 1


One of India's most popular means of transport, a three-wheeled motorcycle called a rickshaw, also delivers passengers from the airport.

There are rickshaw stands outside both terminals.

However, rickshaws only run in Mumbai's suburbs and are suitable for travelling to the nearest railway station, Ville Parle (about 30 minutes away), for example.

Please note that rickshaw rides are uncomfortable, noisy and unsuitable for travellers with large luggage.

Prices from the airport are fixed and posted on the board outside the rickshaw stand. Payment is in cash only.


There is no railway to the airport, however, you can use the nearby railway stations in combination with buses, rickshaws or taxis.

Expect older and congested local trains for travel to central Mumbai.

You can buy train tickets in cash at the ticket office at the station.

  • Vile Parle - 5 km from Terminal 2 or 2 km from Terminal 1
  • Kurla - 6 km from Terminal 2 or 9 km from Terminal 1

A ticket from Vile Parle to the centre (Churchgate station) costs 25 inr for an air-conditioned train or 10 inr for an open unconditioned train.

The journey to the centre takes about 30 minutes and trains run every 2-10 minutes.

The official website of the suburban trains in Mumbai:

Metro Line 3

Metro Blue Line 3 is currently under construction to connect the airport with downtown Mumbai.

It is scheduled to start operations in 2025.

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