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Hotels and sleeping at Mumbai Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 30. 11. 2023

Find the best pre-flight or post-arrival accommodation near Mumbai Airport.

While searching on various portals, pay attention to the actual location of the accommodation. Many hotel maps on portals such as or do not correctly show hotels right by the terminals, when in fact some accommodations are more than 5 km from the airport.

Below we list the hotels that are actually located right next to Mumbai airport.

Hotels near the terminal

There are two luxury hotels right next to both terminals. Prices are very high for India and start at about 150 usd.

Hotels in the vicinity

There are several other large international hotels in close proximity to the airport.

We only list here hotels that offer private transfers to the terminals. The usual transfer price is about 500 inr.

Cheap hotels nearby

Very cheap, but of questionable quality, are the hotels in the adjacent neighbourhoods.

You have to count on typically Indian services. Nice and clean rooms on the surface, but details like leaking hot water, mould in the showers or dirty linen are the order of the day here. On the other hand, for a room here you will pay from about 15 usd per night.

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